Tips And Tricks For Your Lipstick

As a working mom, lipstick is one of my staple makeup. And I love putting dark colored ones. But to make sure that it looks goods on me, I have some tips (and tricks) below that I always keep in mind.

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  • Make sure your lips are properly moisturized, especially when applying lipsticks with matte finishes. Unconditioned lips can make your lips look chapped and cracked. Try moisturizing at least 15 minutes prior to applying your lipstick.

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  • After you’ve moisturized your lips, try applying a lip base or concealer to help neutralize the lips and bring out the true color of the lipstick.

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  • Put your lipstick on in layers in order to make it last. Try applying then blotting with a tissue until you have achieved the desired look. However, be sure not to over do it.

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  • Help clean up your lipstick look by applying concealer around the perimeter of your lips. This will help to fix any mistakes you have made and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. However, make sure the concealer matches your skin tone.

There you go! How about you? What are your lipstick tips and tricks?


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