Around first week of this month, I received an email for guest contribution. Unfortunately, I can't find time to write a comprehensive article as of this moment so I've decided to agree with a guest post, 8 Ways to Save Money and Be a Super Mom. 

The email request was from I honestly never heard of this site before. But the name intrigued me...this is for sure about money. So, I've decided to visit the site.

What is (grabbed from the site)

MoneyMax is the Philippines most comprehensive online platform for comparing financial- and telecom products and -services. We aim to consistently find the best broadband plans, credit cards, loans, and other services and products that suit your needs. We continuously roll out more products and services to compare in order to expand the free comparison service we offer, and continuously strive towards improving the current products and services being compared.

We dedicate our service to helping make Filipinos better informed about their financial choices and expenditures. To this end, we also offer a wealth of resources such as guides and FAQs to complement our free comparison service, along with relevant blogs and news articles.

Why they are here?
MoneyMax aims to empower the Filipino people by providing all the information they need regarding important purchase decisions on financial- and telecom services and products. We believe in empowering the Filipino consumer to make better informed decisions and to improve their financial standing.

MoneyMax mission is to help Filipinos save time and money by providing a free, independent and easy way to compare a wide range of financial and telecommunication products and services online.

Personal Notes:
I love reading, but because of this modern-age and being mom-on-the-go, I prefer to read articles from my phone instead of carrying a book all the time. 

I highly recommend to follow Why?? Because they have comprehensive comparison for finance, telecom, and more services. And as an ordinary shopper, I always review things I want to buy. Find the best product to suit our needs and budget. Remember, it's our hard-earned money so don't waste a single centavo!

You can find helpful articles about Credit Card, Loan, BroadBand, Insurance, Deposit, and Mobile

To know more about them and to follow, visit now!


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