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Mothers are typically the decision-makers in Filipino homes, which is why it’s up to you to stretch the household budget for as far as you can. Being money-smart doesn’t have to mean scrimping and being stingy all the time. With a little creativity, saving money can actually be fun! Here are ways how:

Go on a family “staycation.”

It’s almost summer, and you’re probably planning that super-fabulous trip to the beach with the family. Or maybe you want to go to the mountains for the cool weather. Why not stay at home instead?

Set aside a day (or two) and make it family vacation day. Bust out that inflatable pool and pretend that you’re on the beach. Make sure to spread out your favorite beach towels, blow up the beach balls, and bring out the sunblock. 

Can’t stop thinking about a camping trip? You can set up a tent in your yard and sleep out under the stars. Kids are sure to love the idea! Want to make it more authentic? Light up a bonfire and roast some marshmallows while telling spooky stories or singing campfire songs.

Make sure not to worry too much about making a mess. The whole point is to suspend disbelief and pretend that you’re far away. Not only will you be able save money on travel and accommodation expenses, you also save on travel time, and are assured of the safety of your own home.

Make packed lunches.

Lunchboxes you prepare for your spouse and your kids don’t always have to be a huge production number; just make sure they’re presentable and palatable enough. Take a little more effort than simply tossing together rice and a fried hotdog. You can cook rice in chicken-ginger broth and pack it with fried chicken, or go Japanese-wannabe and make Spam musubi. With the plethora of cooking blogs on the Internet and cooking tutorials on Youtube, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Plan gifts ahead. 

Christmas season usually jacks up the prices of almost anything, simply because everyone needs to buy something for friends and loved ones. Buy your gifts months ahead, even half a year head. This is also probably the best credit card practice you can apply. July is usually a good time to shop because the rush for buying school stuff is over. Just make sure it’s not fruit cake you’re planning to hand out as gifts, although we did hear that they have a pretty long shelf life.

Plan the menu with kids.

Instead of eating out, plan a special a special dinner at home. Go all out: use nice linen, bring out the candles, and put on some music. Involving the kids puts them in charge and gives them confidence in making decisions. You can also use this opportunity to teach them the basics of which kinds of foods go together, and even how to cook. Your kids will also realize that special meals can be had at home and not just in restaurants.

Compare and canvass.

Do your homework and shop around for the best deals on credit cards, mobile plans, and broadband connection. Prices of items like clothing and gadgets may now also be compared online. Research thoroughly to determine which products are the right fit for your needs. You may think that you’re getting a good deal with that landline, cable, and Internet bundle, but you might be paying for something that you don’t actually use or need.

Negotiate and haggle.

Haggling for a lower price can be applied to almost everything. Mall items can be had for a lower price if they have slight damage. You can call up your credit card company and ask them to waive your annual fee. The tiangge and the wet market, of course, are the best places for finding the best bargains: sellers will usually give you a lower price if you ask for it.

Don’t buy too many toys.

This might sound contrary to being a super mom to your kids, but think about it: Young kids usually can’t tell the difference between an expensive toy and your spatula, and will most likely have as much fun with one as with the other. Besides, imagination is a powerful skill to have, and you’ll be helping them develop that if you allow them to explore their surroundings instead of confining them to the nursery. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy any toys at all. Rather, the money you save by not buying the just-ok fillers can go toward buying the pricier but really educational and long-lasting toys.

Again, saving money doesn’t have to be boring. With some planning and a bit of creativity, you’ll be maximizing your resources and having fun at the same time.

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