8 Things Better Left Unsaid About Your Relationship and/or Married Life

If you want your friends like your boyfriend or husband, and you don't want to lose your partner's trust, keep the tips below in mind. 

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1. Every couple fights. But if you tell your friends about every little spat, they'll think you're in a toxic relationship or that the two of you aren't compatible.

2. It's no one's business who pays for what in a relationship. If you end up paying for dinner 80 percent of the time, or loaning your boyfriend money, it's probably better to keep that to yourself. Your friends don't understand his financial situation, and they'll think he's using you or a deadbeat.

3. If he doesn't like your friends, you'll have to reflect on why that is and who is more important to you. If you plan to keep him around, don't tell your friends that he's not crazy about them!

4. If you tell your friends that your boyfriend always leaves the toilet seat up or leaves his wet towel on the floor, they could blow that tiny flaw way out of proportion and upset you even more about the issue.

5. If you're simply the jealous type and know there's nothing to worry about deep down, don't mention that you find him going out to the garage to make phone calls occasionally. He could be calling the office or his mom, and until you find out for sure, don't falsely accuse him.

6. It can be easy to rip on his loser brother or cousin who's in prison, but you don't want that information to reflect negatively on your boyfriend.

7. You might be able to get past the fact that he's cheated on an ex, but your friends never will!

8. If there's something you need to tell him — like, that he needs to try harder to find a full-time job or that you think he drinks too much — certainly, don't tell your friends first.

Remember, it's more important for our friends to support our relationship and give the best possible advice than to know every details of our private relationship with our partners!


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