New Academic Calendar for Philippine Universities

Hello, mommies! Have you heard about changing the school year cylce from June-March to late August-May for some Universities ie UP and Ateneo? 

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Why did they proposed this?
UP (University of the Philippines) said that the move is supposed to be necessary for them to achieve its role as a “regional and global university.” Huh??? What it does not say is that only the European and North American universities are on the August/September to May/June calendar. And that is because that coincides with their fall, winter and spring.  The other countries in Latin America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa have academic calendars that start in February, right after their summer months. Does this mean that these countries are not “global”?  Or that we don’t care to cooperate with them?

The aim is to increase student mobility, and definitely schools having the same academic calendar will help to achieve that, but not having the same academic calendar does not prevent students from being mobile, right? Are we changing the academic calendar to accommodate UP students who wish to study abroad? Come on! How many students are we talking about?

I don't have kids in college as of now, but as a mom, you'll always think about your kids' future. Maybe there are some good points to consider. In the first place, why those people who has high IQ (I suppose) think about this? Maybe for a working mom like me, it may be beneficial since less days of school, less baon. And your kids would have more time for their extra curricular activities. 

I think this is still pending, and under study. Maybe I'll update this post when my kids are in college and this proposal has been implemented. I hope that (if this will be implemented) mommies would update us ie pros and cons. 

How about you? What do you think?


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