I Am Back


Yeah I know it's been a decade from my previous post. The main reason is my laptop was borrowed by my brother in-law aside from the fact that I've been very busy...

This month had a lot of birthday celebrations. My aunt-in-law and father-in-law's 50th birthday, and Antoinelle's 7th birthday.

Alvynne has been chosen to be part of the finalists for MTAP. Did I say it right? hehe In Filipino, isa sya sa pagpipilian to be part of the MTAP students for Grade 4 to be trained and compete next school year. 

I'll try to be active again. I don't want to promise because promises are made to be broken. Naks! I just miss writing and I hope you miss reading my posts, too. Assumptionista!

See you guys around...again!


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