Thank you, 2013. Welcome 2014.

Hello mommies! How's the new year celebration? I welcome 2014 at the office, one of the perils in working in a bpo (call center).

Anyway, it's back to reality. As many offices now resumes to their usual business.

I think this is the first year I'll be writing about my goals for this coming year. I hate disappointment. That's my weakness. So, at first, I am hesitant to do this because I don't want to feel sorry at the end of the year when I learn that I was not able to fulfill the goals I've set.

Here are my projects (goal) for 2014:
This is pertaining to my crooked teeth and short hair. Of course, we always want to be beautiful!
•Frugal Living
Save! Save! Save! Last year, my goal is to pay-off some our debts, which was somewhat happened. There are some small amounts left but it can easily be handled now. So with that being said, more savings for us. I have encountered a post that interest me which will be discussed on a different post.
•Home Sweetie Home
I've talked to Dad to seek help for this. If you don't know, our home sweet home is not yet finished. The house-building stopped because of the unavoidable circumstamces; Papa's death, Dad not-so-good experience in Dubai, etc. But now, maybe a little help from my siblings would make this project possible.
This is not a priority since it would be an added expense, but Dad requested it to be included. I hope we could travel at least once during kids vacation.

If you notice, those goals is for my family only, I mean no goal for work. Hmmm... Don't get me wrong, I have plans for my career and as a matter of fact, I've started it last year.

I've applied for a Team Lead role before 2013 ends. I haven't interviewed yet because of the holiday. I didn't add it to my projects yet because of course I still don't know what will happen; if I'll be in or out. So in the meantime, I'll ne leaving it in the parking lot.

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