8 Things Better Left Unsaid About Your Relationship and/or Married Life

If you want your friends like your boyfriend or husband, and you don't want to lose your partner's trust, keep the tips below in mind. 

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1. Every couple fights. But if you tell your friends about every little spat, they'll think you're in a toxic relationship or that the two of you aren't compatible.

2. It's no one's business who pays for what in a relationship. If you end up paying for dinner 80 percent of the time, or loaning your boyfriend money, it's probably better to keep that to yourself. Your friends don't understand his financial situation, and they'll think he's using you or a deadbeat.

3. If he doesn't like your friends, you'll have to reflect on why that is and who is more important to you. If you plan to keep him around, don't tell your friends that he's not crazy about them!

4. If you tell your friends that your boyfriend always leaves the toilet seat up or leaves his wet towel on the floor, they could blow that tiny flaw way out of proportion and upset you even more about the issue.

5. If you're simply the jealous type and know there's nothing to worry about deep down, don't mention that you find him going out to the garage to make phone calls occasionally. He could be calling the office or his mom, and until you find out for sure, don't falsely accuse him.

6. It can be easy to rip on his loser brother or cousin who's in prison, but you don't want that information to reflect negatively on your boyfriend.

7. You might be able to get past the fact that he's cheated on an ex, but your friends never will!

8. If there's something you need to tell him — like, that he needs to try harder to find a full-time job or that you think he drinks too much — certainly, don't tell your friends first.

Remember, it's more important for our friends to support our relationship and give the best possible advice than to know every details of our private relationship with our partners!


Around first week of this month, I received an email for guest contribution. Unfortunately, I can't find time to write a comprehensive article as of this moment so I've decided to agree with a guest post, 8 Ways to Save Money and Be a Super Mom. 

The email request was from MoneyMax.ph. I honestly never heard of this site before. But the name intrigued me...this is for sure about money. So, I've decided to visit the site.

What is MoneyMax.ph? (grabbed from the site)

MoneyMax is the Philippines most comprehensive online platform for comparing financial- and telecom products and -services. We aim to consistently find the best broadband plans, credit cards, loans, and other services and products that suit your needs. We continuously roll out more products and services to compare in order to expand the free comparison service we offer, and continuously strive towards improving the current products and services being compared.

We dedicate our service to helping make Filipinos better informed about their financial choices and expenditures. To this end, we also offer a wealth of resources such as guides and FAQs to complement our free comparison service, along with relevant blogs and news articles.

Why they are here?
MoneyMax aims to empower the Filipino people by providing all the information they need regarding important purchase decisions on financial- and telecom services and products. We believe in empowering the Filipino consumer to make better informed decisions and to improve their financial standing.

MoneyMax mission is to help Filipinos save time and money by providing a free, independent and easy way to compare a wide range of financial and telecommunication products and services online.

Personal Notes:
I love reading, but because of this modern-age and being mom-on-the-go, I prefer to read articles from my phone instead of carrying a book all the time. 

I highly recommend to follow MoneyMax.ph. Why?? Because they have comprehensive comparison for finance, telecom, and more services. And as an ordinary shopper, I always review things I want to buy. Find the best product to suit our needs and budget. Remember, it's our hard-earned money so don't waste a single centavo!

You can find helpful articles about Credit Card, Loan, BroadBand, Insurance, Deposit, and Mobile

To know more about them and to follow, visit MoneyMax.ph now!

Guest Post: 8 Ways to Save Money and Be a Super Mom from MoneyMax.ph

Mothers are typically the decision-makers in Filipino homes, which is why it’s up to you to stretch the household budget for as far as you can. Being money-smart doesn’t have to mean scrimping and being stingy all the time. With a little creativity, saving money can actually be fun! Here are ways how:

Go on a family “staycation.”

It’s almost summer, and you’re probably planning that super-fabulous trip to the beach with the family. Or maybe you want to go to the mountains for the cool weather. Why not stay at home instead?

Set aside a day (or two) and make it family vacation day. Bust out that inflatable pool and pretend that you’re on the beach. Make sure to spread out your favorite beach towels, blow up the beach balls, and bring out the sunblock. 

Can’t stop thinking about a camping trip? You can set up a tent in your yard and sleep out under the stars. Kids are sure to love the idea! Want to make it more authentic? Light up a bonfire and roast some marshmallows while telling spooky stories or singing campfire songs.

Make sure not to worry too much about making a mess. The whole point is to suspend disbelief and pretend that you’re far away. Not only will you be able save money on travel and accommodation expenses, you also save on travel time, and are assured of the safety of your own home.

Make packed lunches.

Lunchboxes you prepare for your spouse and your kids don’t always have to be a huge production number; just make sure they’re presentable and palatable enough. Take a little more effort than simply tossing together rice and a fried hotdog. You can cook rice in chicken-ginger broth and pack it with fried chicken, or go Japanese-wannabe and make Spam musubi. With the plethora of cooking blogs on the Internet and cooking tutorials on Youtube, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Plan gifts ahead. 

Christmas season usually jacks up the prices of almost anything, simply because everyone needs to buy something for friends and loved ones. Buy your gifts months ahead, even half a year head. This is also probably the best credit card practice you can apply. July is usually a good time to shop because the rush for buying school stuff is over. Just make sure it’s not fruit cake you’re planning to hand out as gifts, although we did hear that they have a pretty long shelf life.

Plan the menu with kids.

Instead of eating out, plan a special a special dinner at home. Go all out: use nice linen, bring out the candles, and put on some music. Involving the kids puts them in charge and gives them confidence in making decisions. You can also use this opportunity to teach them the basics of which kinds of foods go together, and even how to cook. Your kids will also realize that special meals can be had at home and not just in restaurants.

Compare and canvass.

Do your homework and shop around for the best deals on credit cards, mobile plans, and broadband connection. Prices of items like clothing and gadgets may now also be compared online. Research thoroughly to determine which products are the right fit for your needs. You may think that you’re getting a good deal with that landline, cable, and Internet bundle, but you might be paying for something that you don’t actually use or need.

Negotiate and haggle.

Haggling for a lower price can be applied to almost everything. Mall items can be had for a lower price if they have slight damage. You can call up your credit card company and ask them to waive your annual fee. The tiangge and the wet market, of course, are the best places for finding the best bargains: sellers will usually give you a lower price if you ask for it.

Don’t buy too many toys.

This might sound contrary to being a super mom to your kids, but think about it: Young kids usually can’t tell the difference between an expensive toy and your spatula, and will most likely have as much fun with one as with the other. Besides, imagination is a powerful skill to have, and you’ll be helping them develop that if you allow them to explore their surroundings instead of confining them to the nursery. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy any toys at all. Rather, the money you save by not buying the just-ok fillers can go toward buying the pricier but really educational and long-lasting toys.

Again, saving money doesn’t have to be boring. With some planning and a bit of creativity, you’ll be maximizing your resources and having fun at the same time.

About The Author:
MoneyMax.ph is the Philippines’ leading financial comparison portal which helps Filipino consumers make the right financial decisions as they settle on the best credit card, home loan, broadband plan, and more—fast, comprehensive, and free. Please do check their website to learn more. 

How To Extend Your Makeup Life

Do you know the lyrics "Diamonds are Forerver..."? Hehe Well, not for our makeups. And it's kinda depressing for people like me trying to live frugally. But don't worry. I have listed my personal tips on how to extend the shell life of your makeup. 

  • Sharpen your eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip pencils before each use to keep them clean. 
Photo credit: thepixieduststudio.wordpress.com
  • Store your make up in a cool and dry place. Humidity can cause bacteria to grow.
Photo credit: emony429.blogspot.com
  • Clean your makeup brushes at least twice a month. However, it is recommended to wash your brushes for times a month. Since I am a busy mom, I choose the first one. The bottom line is make sure to clean your brushes regularly. Germs can collect on your brushes and get into your make and worst on your face that can cause breakouts.
Photo credit: retailtheraphy.onsugar.com
  • Store your lipstick in the refrigerator. It helps to keep your lipstick cool and prevents bacteria from growing. 
Photo credit: blog.redapplelipstick.com
  • Screws the tops on as tight as possible to prevent your product from drying out.
Photo credit: modelmayhem.com
  • Lastly, but not the least, wash your hands before using your makeup!
Photo credit: wikihow.com

How about you? Do you have personal tips to share on how to extend your makeup shelf life? Please share.

Tips And Tricks For Your Lipstick

As a working mom, lipstick is one of my staple makeup. And I love putting dark colored ones. But to make sure that it looks goods on me, I have some tips (and tricks) below that I always keep in mind.

Photo credit: health.howstuffworks.com

  • Make sure your lips are properly moisturized, especially when applying lipsticks with matte finishes. Unconditioned lips can make your lips look chapped and cracked. Try moisturizing at least 15 minutes prior to applying your lipstick.

Photo credit: adorebeauty.onsugar.com
  • After you’ve moisturized your lips, try applying a lip base or concealer to help neutralize the lips and bring out the true color of the lipstick.

Photo credit: leadingladymakeup.com
  • Put your lipstick on in layers in order to make it last. Try applying then blotting with a tissue until you have achieved the desired look. However, be sure not to over do it.

Photo credit: highlight-beauty.com
  • Help clean up your lipstick look by applying concealer around the perimeter of your lips. This will help to fix any mistakes you have made and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. However, make sure the concealer matches your skin tone.

There you go! How about you? What are your lipstick tips and tricks?

Event Alert: Chicdriven Women Empowerment Expo

Photo credit: Chicdriven Facebook
Why should you come?

  • Free Seminars in Fashion, Beauty, Career, Family, Parenting, Road Safety, and Auto Maintenance
  • Food Demos
  • Makeover Booth
  • Fashion show
  • Showcase of top women products.

When: March 28-30, 2014
Where: Alabang Town Center Atrium

This is not a paid advertisement.

Workshop Alert: Make Your Own Kiddie Party

Learn to plan and style children celebrations.

When: March 22, 2014
Where: Insular Life Multi-Purpose Hall, Insular Life Bldg, 
            Ayala Ave cor Paseo de Roxas st,
            Makati City
Workshop Fee: Php 150
To register, visit manilaworkshops.com.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement.

New Academic Calendar for Philippine Universities

Hello, mommies! Have you heard about changing the school year cylce from June-March to late August-May for some Universities ie UP and Ateneo? 

Photo credit: newsinfo.inquirer.net
Why did they proposed this?
UP (University of the Philippines) said that the move is supposed to be necessary for them to achieve its role as a “regional and global university.” Huh??? What it does not say is that only the European and North American universities are on the August/September to May/June calendar. And that is because that coincides with their fall, winter and spring.  The other countries in Latin America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa have academic calendars that start in February, right after their summer months. Does this mean that these countries are not “global”?  Or that we don’t care to cooperate with them?

The aim is to increase student mobility, and definitely schools having the same academic calendar will help to achieve that, but not having the same academic calendar does not prevent students from being mobile, right? Are we changing the academic calendar to accommodate UP students who wish to study abroad? Come on! How many students are we talking about?

I don't have kids in college as of now, but as a mom, you'll always think about your kids' future. Maybe there are some good points to consider. In the first place, why those people who has high IQ (I suppose) think about this? Maybe for a working mom like me, it may be beneficial since less days of school, less baon. And your kids would have more time for their extra curricular activities. 

I think this is still pending, and under study. Maybe I'll update this post when my kids are in college and this proposal has been implemented. I hope that (if this will be implemented) mommies would update us ie pros and cons. 

How about you? What do you think?

I Am Back


Yeah I know it's been a decade from my previous post. The main reason is my laptop was borrowed by my brother in-law aside from the fact that I've been very busy...

This month had a lot of birthday celebrations. My aunt-in-law and father-in-law's 50th birthday, and Antoinelle's 7th birthday.

Alvynne has been chosen to be part of the finalists for MTAP. Did I say it right? hehe In Filipino, isa sya sa pagpipilian to be part of the MTAP students for Grade 4 to be trained and compete next school year. 

I'll try to be active again. I don't want to promise because promises are made to be broken. Naks! I just miss writing and I hope you miss reading my posts, too. Assumptionista!

See you guys around...again!

Sale Alert: Araneta Center Grand Year-End Sale


Head for Araneta Center until January 15 as they will be holding their Grand Year-End Sale where you can discounts on items for as much as 70%!

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Sale Alert: The SM Store Clearance Sale


The SM store clearance sale started today, January 2, and will end on January 12, 2014 on all SM stores nationwide.

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Thank you, 2013. Welcome 2014.


Hello mommies! How's the new year celebration? I welcome 2014 at the office, one of the perils in working in a bpo (call center).

Anyway, it's back to reality. As many offices now resumes to their usual business.

I think this is the first year I'll be writing about my goals for this coming year. I hate disappointment. That's my weakness. So, at first, I am hesitant to do this because I don't want to feel sorry at the end of the year when I learn that I was not able to fulfill the goals I've set.

Here are my projects (goal) for 2014:
This is pertaining to my crooked teeth and short hair. Of course, we always want to be beautiful!
•Frugal Living
Save! Save! Save! Last year, my goal is to pay-off some our debts, which was somewhat happened. There are some small amounts left but it can easily be handled now. So with that being said, more savings for us. I have encountered a post that interest me which will be discussed on a different post.
•Home Sweetie Home
I've talked to Dad to seek help for this. If you don't know, our home sweet home is not yet finished. The house-building stopped because of the unavoidable circumstamces; Papa's death, Dad not-so-good experience in Dubai, etc. But now, maybe a little help from my siblings would make this project possible.
This is not a priority since it would be an added expense, but Dad requested it to be included. I hope we could travel at least once during kids vacation.

If you notice, those goals is for my family only, I mean no goal for work. Hmmm... Don't get me wrong, I have plans for my career and as a matter of fact, I've started it last year.

I've applied for a Team Lead role before 2013 ends. I haven't interviewed yet because of the holiday. I didn't add it to my projects yet because of course I still don't know what will happen; if I'll be in or out. So in the meantime, I'll ne leaving it in the parking lot.

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