Tips for This Shopping Season

Ah It's Christmas time again. Ang bilis ng panahon! I remember when we're doing a count-down for our 13th month pay and now, it's now up for grab! hehehe

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Anyway, here are some tips to avoid stress during this gift-giving season.

1. Start early. 
November is early for me. So when I saw December 1 on my phone, it triggered me to be prepared. I suggest that when you go visit some malls, even not Christmas, and found something for a gift, grab it while supplies last. It save you more time.

2. Go to bazaars.
It's not a must, but it's a great place to find fab finds in a very affordable prices. 

3. Generic or Personal?
I really opted for personalized items. I don't mean that you put their name on your gift, but make it like you really know the person. For example, if your friend loves reading book, aside from giving him a book, you have the option to give him a bookmark. Then, choose generic gifts for your officemates. Like in my case, I am new to C1B, maybe I'll just give them generic gifts since I don't know them all much. 

Do you have any tips to add. Share them below!
Happy shopping! :)


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