How To Spend Christmas with Bestie

My best friend and I known each since we were born. She's my father's goddaughter. We've got to spend a lot of times together... when she's still here in the Philippines. Now, she's in the US and living her dreamed life with hubby. And spending time with her is some time next to impossible because of my role of being a mom and the time she can only stay here.

That's why I've came up some things that you and you're best friend can, while time still allowing you to do so.

1. Chit-chats over Coffee.
You an your best friend can take a necessary break from the holiday rush and spend quality time together talking about anything over a cup of coffee. 

2. Try To Make Your Own Holiday. 
I know that each family has their own way to celebrate Christmas. Why do the same with your best friend? You can try to exchange themed gifts or do dinner on the 26th, or have a night on the town and pledge to have it every year or two. Put together a little something that can be shared by the two of you for the years to follow.

3. Travel. 
One of the best things you can do during your holiday vacation is to spend maybe a weekend with your best friend. Make it a perfect bestie weekend getaway!

4. Pamper.
My most favorite part. When my best friend came home one time, we spend time together by going to a spa and relaaax. At that time, we only have a Swedish massage, but I can say that it's one of my unforgettable moments with her. We don't talk during our massage session but the feeling of being together made me feel happy.

How about you? Do you have some tips on how to have a bestie Christmas with your best friend? By the way, here's our photo taken at their house when she came home last March 2010: 


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