How To Keep Your Kids Safe In School

One of our priority should be our kids' safety. Most especially for a mom like me who cant' spend so much time with them because of my work. We need to make sure that when they're in school, hindi tayo mag-alala for their safety. 

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But recent news made me double-check the do's and dont's of keeping my kids safe in school. There was this student and his classmate in Marikina City when three men on a motorcycle grabbed their bags while walking to school. Not only that, there's also a female 4th year college student got kidnapped in school premises. Thankfully, she was released unharmed without ransom, but what happened if what happened was another way around?

The same kidnapping incident spurred Laguna Representative Sol Aragones to file a bill, House Bill 3256, entitled the “Campus Security and Crime Awareness Act of 2013”, requiring all schools to come up with security policies and procedures, as well as to properly report similar crimes.

So what should we look out for in the school to keep our kids safety?

1. CCTv Cameras
I know it's much most especially for public schools but I think it's worth it. If something bad happens to our kids, that's the reliable source we can have. 

2. Fetcher's ID
When Ate 1 and 2 are preschoolers, one of their school requirements was to pass a 1x1 picture of you and/or family member who'll pick your kids from school and they'll provide an ID. It's a good practice to follow!

3. Trustworthy School Service
My kids' school don't offer school service, since most of their students lives in the nearby area. We have a neighbor who owned and drives a tricylce. We've know his family for a long time, even before I was born. So Dad and I decided to ask him to be our kids' school service since we're having a hard time to bring them to school and fetch them afterwards because of our work schedule. 

4. Child Empowerment
This is the most important part. Make sure to teach your kids what to do in case something bad happened to them in school. We need to brief our kids the possible hazards when Mom and Dad are not around. 
We also need to make sure that they know our contact numbers. If you have a responsible kid, maybe you can give her a phone. So she can contact you immediately or vice versa. 

How about you? What are the things you consider in keeping your kids safe in school. Share them!


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