Holiday Spirit at Work

Hello working moms! I know how it feels when deadlines and demands at workplace hinders  the spirit of this coming yuletide season. Freak no more. Browse below and vanish those blues away!

1. Start decorating your cubicle. 
Some companies don't allow too much deco on their workplace. In my office, yes, but in fairness to the account I am currently, I have my own work station, and we're allowed to decorate it. If someone give me a Christmas card, I will surely post it on my desk!

2. Wear festive colors.
I used to wear red during Mondays, but since it's now one of my rest days, I am currently wearing my reds during Fridays. Female Network suggests to wear rich and livelier colors like green, purple, and gold. Omg! I don't have these colors on my wardrobe, but I'll include it on my shopping list. ;)

3. Listen to Christmas songs on your way to work. 
I like to listen songs while on my way to work to avoid boredom. Now, to feel the Christmas season, I've downloaded Christmas songs. Here's some recommendation: Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” and “O Holy Night.” For something a bit more upbeat, go with Glee’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and “Let It Snow.” 

4. Join Kris Kringle. 
We currently have a weekly Kris Kringle at the office and one exchange gist before Christmas. Our Kris Kringle for this week would be something funny, an items should only be around Php 20. For our exchange gift, it should cost Php 300. As of now, I can't think of anything for my wishlist. Any suggestions?

5. Give your co-workers a Christmas card.
Remember what I've told you regarding giving generic gifts to those not too close friends? That it includes co-workers. I am planning to give them card, with personalized notes and some token. I just don't know what token I'll include and what card should I give, but it's now included on my gift list. 

'Hope the tips above help you! Do you have any additional? Comment it away!

photo credit: Female Network


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