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When Dad and I do our usual chat, he told about his co-worker asking his advice in regards to joint account. We don't have joint account and don'e have any plans in the future. My reason behind that is I just don't want to manage too many bank accounts. Anyway, what he had advice this co-worker is... " I definitely not encourage you to have a joint account with your boyfriend, even if he's your husband. It's still good that you still have your own money that your boyfriend/husband doesn't know about."

I know Dad didn't mean anything, but I got hurt. Maybe I was hurt because of the fact that he keeps something from me, most especially money. I thought that every time we ran-out of this, I was the one who ask help from family and friends. How can he do this to me? Recently, I asked him if he still has extra cash, he said "none", then, later on I found out he bought t-shirts.

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Lesson learned?
Be careful on what you say! Sometimes we don't know that we already hurt someone of what we said. In our case, I didn't told him directly that I was hurt, but I know he knew, since I make-face. I'll just see if he's sensitive enough not to do it again. 

And as what he had advice his co-worker, maybe it's really a good idea to keep money from our husband. I haven't tried it though because I don't want to cause any conflicts. But I'll try it this time, and see how it'll work for me. 

How about you sisses, do you have any advice for me? Comment it away! 


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