Do You Remember Serena Dalrymple?

She's a former child star. I loved watching her because she's so witty and cute. Now, I was surprised to learn that she's 24 years old. OMG! Time really flies so fast!

Learning that she'll pursue her masters in UK is a big achievement. I don't know what happened why she lost the limelight but I think it was a very good decision. 

I am not saying that being an actor is  not a good profession. I just believe that being a public figure has a lot restriction compared to living in a normal life. 

Anyway, I've read that she's also trying to figure things out. I just found out that Serena's parents died when she was young, and I really feel sorry. Maybe this is the reason why she still need to figure things out, because she doesn't have parents to guide her? By the way, this is just my opinion. 

"Don't worry, Serena. I know that wherever your parents are, they are so proud of you!"

photo credit: Serena's Facebook


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