Christmas Gifts 2013


I would like to thank the people who take time to buy gifts for me. I really appreciate it most especially I least expect it.

I don't need to name names because you know who you are. Once again, I would like to let you know that I really love the idea of thinking something for me this Christmas and I really appreciate your gifts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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Jessy Mendiola Spiced Up Someone's Ordinary Day

I can't remember when Dad told me about this video. I don't give too much attention and my initial reaction was "Eh ano naman ngayon?" Don't get me wrong. I love Jessy Mendiola. She's so beautiful. Maybe iba lang talaga ang view ng mga lalaki towards her. Sabi nga ni hubby, "Super hot nya dun, dear. And kapag sakin mangyari yun baka himatayin ako!" 

Here are the videos that Dad is talking about:

And in all fairness, ang hot nga ni Jessy. And she made me smile na parang kasama ako sa shoot. Kayo? How do you find the videos?

video credits: YouTube

Make Your Own Quotes with Quozio


Yes, I didn't come to work on Tuesday and Wednesday because I don't feel like working. I may not be productive because of the things that I need to do this week. 

But this post is not about not coming to work, this is how you can make your own quotes using

What is Quozio?
Quozio turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds. Then, you can share them on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more!

How do I use Quozio?
Just visit and fill in your quote. Or, even faster, get the bookmarklet which lets you instantly create an image out of any text you highlight on a web page.

After you provide your quote, scroll through the various styles and find the one that best matches it. Then the best part - share with your friends!

Can I see some samples?
Sure. Take a look here or the sample I made above. Or just try it out.

How much does it cost?
Ummm... It's free. We hope you'll find room in your budget. If you love it, please pay us with the web's currency - a Facebook Like:

Do I need an account?
Nope. Just use it. No account, no sign-up, no email address required.

What do I get if I do create an account?
If you create an account you can save your favorite quotes, upload quotes to your Facebook page and so forth. Don't worry, if you don't want the additional features you can create quotes all day long without an account.

And oh, they won't post to your Facebook account without you telling them to. They hate spam, too.

Drinking During Pregnancy

Two of my co-workers are pregnant now. Before, when they're not yet pregnant, these ladies love to drink after shift, just to relax and put away stress. Well, they better stop their drinking session in the meantime!

photo credit:
Science Daily reported that there's no such thing as alcohol level for expectant moms. 

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside worked with laboratory mice and found that those whose mothers consumed alcohol during pregnancy showed symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). 

What is FASD?
It is a condition which includes altered gene expression and disrupted cognitive network development specifically in the brain's frontal cortex, which is responsible for decision-making, logical thinking, emotions, balance, as well as motor, sensory, and verbal skills. Children with FASD may also have facial deformities such as wide-set eyes, a short nose, low nasal ridge, and thin upper lip. 

Researchers strongly suggest avoiding drinking any form of liquor as during pregnancy.

“Would you put whisky in your baby's bottle? Drinking during pregnancy is not that much different,” says lead researcher Kelly Huffman. “If you ask me if you have three glasses of wine during pregnancy will your child have FASD, I would say probably not. If you ask if there will be changes in the brain, I would say, probably. There is no safe level of drinking during pregnancy.”

I admit, when I was pregnant with Bunso, I got drunked, but to make things clear, it's before I knew that I was pregnant. And after I learned that I am carrying Bunso, I got scared and I prayed everyday that she come out healthy. Well, she's been healthy ever since and I am very thankful! Look at her now with my Lolo:

How To Spend Christmas with Bestie

My best friend and I known each since we were born. She's my father's goddaughter. We've got to spend a lot of times together... when she's still here in the Philippines. Now, she's in the US and living her dreamed life with hubby. And spending time with her is some time next to impossible because of my role of being a mom and the time she can only stay here.

That's why I've came up some things that you and you're best friend can, while time still allowing you to do so.

1. Chit-chats over Coffee.
You an your best friend can take a necessary break from the holiday rush and spend quality time together talking about anything over a cup of coffee. 

2. Try To Make Your Own Holiday. 
I know that each family has their own way to celebrate Christmas. Why do the same with your best friend? You can try to exchange themed gifts or do dinner on the 26th, or have a night on the town and pledge to have it every year or two. Put together a little something that can be shared by the two of you for the years to follow.

3. Travel. 
One of the best things you can do during your holiday vacation is to spend maybe a weekend with your best friend. Make it a perfect bestie weekend getaway!

4. Pamper.
My most favorite part. When my best friend came home one time, we spend time together by going to a spa and relaaax. At that time, we only have a Swedish massage, but I can say that it's one of my unforgettable moments with her. We don't talk during our massage session but the feeling of being together made me feel happy.

How about you? Do you have some tips on how to have a bestie Christmas with your best friend? By the way, here's our photo taken at their house when she came home last March 2010: 

How To Keep Your Kids Safe In School

One of our priority should be our kids' safety. Most especially for a mom like me who cant' spend so much time with them because of my work. We need to make sure that when they're in school, hindi tayo mag-alala for their safety. 

phot credit:
But recent news made me double-check the do's and dont's of keeping my kids safe in school. There was this student and his classmate in Marikina City when three men on a motorcycle grabbed their bags while walking to school. Not only that, there's also a female 4th year college student got kidnapped in school premises. Thankfully, she was released unharmed without ransom, but what happened if what happened was another way around?

The same kidnapping incident spurred Laguna Representative Sol Aragones to file a bill, House Bill 3256, entitled the “Campus Security and Crime Awareness Act of 2013”, requiring all schools to come up with security policies and procedures, as well as to properly report similar crimes.

So what should we look out for in the school to keep our kids safety?

1. CCTv Cameras
I know it's much most especially for public schools but I think it's worth it. If something bad happens to our kids, that's the reliable source we can have. 

2. Fetcher's ID
When Ate 1 and 2 are preschoolers, one of their school requirements was to pass a 1x1 picture of you and/or family member who'll pick your kids from school and they'll provide an ID. It's a good practice to follow!

3. Trustworthy School Service
My kids' school don't offer school service, since most of their students lives in the nearby area. We have a neighbor who owned and drives a tricylce. We've know his family for a long time, even before I was born. So Dad and I decided to ask him to be our kids' school service since we're having a hard time to bring them to school and fetch them afterwards because of our work schedule. 

4. Child Empowerment
This is the most important part. Make sure to teach your kids what to do in case something bad happened to them in school. We need to brief our kids the possible hazards when Mom and Dad are not around. 
We also need to make sure that they know our contact numbers. If you have a responsible kid, maybe you can give her a phone. So she can contact you immediately or vice versa. 

How about you? What are the things you consider in keeping your kids safe in school. Share them!

The Real Reason Why Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford's Broke-up

I posted not so long ago about this break-up and how I felt. However, hearing the story from Nikki Gil, it made me furious. I have this feeling kasi na Billy Crawford can't do it, but coming from Nikki... tsk tsk We heard a lot of speculations. Andyan yung na-link si Billy kay Andi Eigenmann and to his co-host sa Showtime na si Coleen Garcia, which both parties denied any romantic involvement with Billy.

photo credit:
Here's the story Nikki Gil dished out on Cosmopolitan Magazines' December 2013 issue:

“There were always a lot of warnings, but I chose to ignore them—I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it could be done to me,” Nikki said in the magazine interview, referring to Billy's alleged cheating. 

“I’d ask him, ‘Why were you [at this place]?’ Then I’d back off and say, ‘Never mind, I was just asking.’”
When the truth finally came out, Nikki said that she couldn't believe it. 

“I’m a woman and I protect what’s mine, I don’t touch what’s not mine. If I were the kind of girl [who’d steal a boyfriend], I’d understand completely, but I cherish those things,” she added.
The Maria Mercedes actress is known for wearing a purity ring given to her by her mother in 2008—a symbol that she would wait until marriage before having sex. She claimed that Billy didn’t seem to have any problems waiting.

“He’d always say, ‘Push! I’m proud of you.’”

“And I’m like, ‘Wow, you’re so understanding naman.’ Yun pala, e, dot… dot… dot!” 

Despite the said betrayal, reports that Nikki is grateful to have gotten out of the relationship before it was too late. 

“The scary thing, knowing what I know now, is I would have said yes to his insincere offers of marriage! I was made to believe I was making up these things in my head—I thought we were just plateau-ing.”

So what can you say, mga sis? I really feel sorry for Nikki because I think she doesn't deserve it, but I am proud of her that she was able to end the relationship with her head up high! You go girl!

"How to Keep Your Children Safe from Asbestos Exposure in the Home", a Guest Post

Last week, I received an email from Rachel, asking me if I would be interested in posting an article about the dangers of asbestos and how to keep families safe from exposure. I definitely said "Yes!". On of my blog philosophy is to help moms out there on how to keep safe their children in all ways. So, without further a-do, here's the article written by Ms. Rachel Walker from

How to Keep Your Children Safe from Asbestos Exposure in the Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), asbestos is considered a dangerous mineral because it is known to cause diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. Throughout much of the 20th Century, asbestos was widely used in many industries to protect people and property from fire or as insulation and soundproofing. Consequently, there are many homes today that still have appliances that were built when asbestos was heavily used. However, you can help keep your children safe from asbestos exposure by learning where it may be found and determining if your home contains it.  

Appliances that Asbestos Can Be Found In 

Asbestos is a term used to identify a group of six minerals that occur naturally all over the world. People have used asbestos throughout history, but its production and distribution peaked between the 1940s and late 1970s. Asbestos has since killed thousands, and many families are currently involved in mesothelioma lawsuits against asbestos companies

Because asbestos-containing materials were used in various industries and products until the EPA warned about its health risks, millions of Americans have lived in homes or attended schools where asbestos was present.

Asbestos was used in many appliances that can be found in older homes. Due to its ability to resist heat, asbestos was a major ingredient in the insulation made for pipes, furnaces, and stoves. It was also added to building materials used in ceilings and walls. Normally, asbestos is not harmful if it’s intact and not in any state where the fibrous dust can become airborne. Yet, if it’s friable, it can become dangerous, especially for kids who might unwittingly unsettle it.

How Asbestos is Disturbed in the Home 

Asbestos used in appliances and in other fixtures in homes can usually go undisturbed unless repairs and/or renovations are needed. In these instances, the fine fibers of asbestos may become airborne. Even if children just roughhouse around appliances and fixtures, there is a slight chance that these fibers will become disturbed. 

If you need to do repairs and you have appliances that are over 20-years-old, it’s imperative to contact an asbestos abatement professional before beginning any work. They will be able to not only let you know if your home contains asbestos, but they’ll be able to abate it before repairs begin. 

In the meantime, make sure your children do not play anywhere near any appliances, fixtures, or areas that may possibly have asbestos, regardless if it’s contained or not. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry (ATSDR) states that kids have a much longer timespan in which asbestos-related diseases can develop, so it’s imperative to ensure they are safe beforehand.

To know more, visit

Make-up For Ever Midnight Glow Workshop

I love going to workshops most especially if it's my niche. I came across a blog post announcing a make-up shop on December 14 at SM Aura. 

photo credit: Bless My Bag
Author of Bless My Bag blog will be teaching professionally done daytime to party looks using the MUFE Midnight Glow collection. Th workshop fee is Php 2500 with redeemable purchase, but you can also win a free slot her giveaway in this post:

I love to come but my, at this time, my schedule permits me. Aside from the fact that I need to come to work at 10:00 pm, we (might) attend my nephew's baptism in Cubao. So, for those make-up and workshop fanatic, don't miss this opportunity!

WestJet Christmas Miracle Video

I came across 2 blog post about this video. At first, dinedma ko lang, but on the second time, I said, teka, there's might be really something on this video! It caught my attention kasi one of the blog post titled her post "This video makes me cry." 

I took time to watch it, and in fairness, walang buff si internet! So, without further a-do, here's the video. And I could say, you have a stone heart if this won't make you cry!

So... what can you say???

video credit: YouTube

Gifts For a Cause

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Have you thought about buying for someone you love for this gift-giving season and these purchased will benefit Typhoon Yolanda victims?

Most people I've talked to have plans of buying something for themselves and their kids for Christmas. Of course, I'll be doing the same. I just feel sorry to the fact that they forget those people who suffered from Typhoon Yolanda. 

Anyway, here are some gift ideas that you might want to consider:

You can buy Adarna books for only P55 each (instead of P73)  until December 20 at the Adarna House office. 20% of book sales will go the relief efforts for Yolanda.

Aside from the now ubiquitous shirts, you can also buy other Tulong PH items like mugs, keychains in selected stores and outlets. The tumblers and mugs are sold at National bookstore.  For a complete list of items and outlets, go to or

Dad and I already bought a shirt. And it's good to know that they have other items. I will visit National Bookstore very soon!

photo credits: Absolutely Mommy

Energy Saving Tips from Meralco

I am sorry to break the news but Meralco announced that our electricity bill will go up this up? Why? According to their advisory, the overall rate is going up to Php1.24/kilowatt hour due to an increase in generation charges for the months of November & December. It means that the generation charges will increase due to the scheduled annual maintenance shutdown of power plants (not the mall, silly!) and the Camago-Malampaya pipeline. They will still be functioning but won't be operating to full capacity and as such will be using more expensive fuel for the meantime.

In that being said, here are saving ideas from Meralco:

For more tips, visit Meralco's Official Website.

photo credits: Manila Fashion Observer

Alice Dixon in FHM

Do you know Alice Dixon? For me, she's one of the celebrities who has a very pretty seductive face. For those people sho live in Okay ka Fairy Ko era, she's Enteng's wife, sorry I forgot the name. 

Anyway, Alice Dixon is FHM's cover girl for their December 2013 issue.

photo credits: The Soshal Network

Oh what can you say???

Yellow Cab's Tango Box for Christmas

Do you love pizza? Yes, I do! I love pizza and pasta. And here's a good news from Yellow Cab for Pizza lovers like me.

photo credit: When In Manila
Yellow Cab is offering Tango box to treat your friends and family for this holiday season. It includes:

1 Large Pizza (any flavor)
6 pieces FULL SIZED Garlic Parmesan Wings
1 serving Jalapeno Potato Wedges
2 Pastas (any variants)
1 pitcher of Coke

for only Php 1,600.

This is great for families and group of 6. Tango Box is available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery on all Yellow Cab stores, except for its Lucky Chinatown and MOA Arena, branches until January 15, 2014.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Yellow Cab's nearest store for a sumptuous dine-in experience. Don't forget to share the Great Times you’ve experienced with Yellow Cab’s Christmas Fleet and its other Great Pizza offerings by posting on your social media accounts, using official hashtags #ChristmasFleet and #YellowCabPizza.

For more information, like Yellow Cab's Facebook and follow their Twitter page.  

Finances with Hubby

When Dad and I do our usual chat, he told about his co-worker asking his advice in regards to joint account. We don't have joint account and don'e have any plans in the future. My reason behind that is I just don't want to manage too many bank accounts. Anyway, what he had advice this co-worker is... " I definitely not encourage you to have a joint account with your boyfriend, even if he's your husband. It's still good that you still have your own money that your boyfriend/husband doesn't know about."

I know Dad didn't mean anything, but I got hurt. Maybe I was hurt because of the fact that he keeps something from me, most especially money. I thought that every time we ran-out of this, I was the one who ask help from family and friends. How can he do this to me? Recently, I asked him if he still has extra cash, he said "none", then, later on I found out he bought t-shirts.

photo credit:
Lesson learned?
Be careful on what you say! Sometimes we don't know that we already hurt someone of what we said. In our case, I didn't told him directly that I was hurt, but I know he knew, since I make-face. I'll just see if he's sensitive enough not to do it again. 

And as what he had advice his co-worker, maybe it's really a good idea to keep money from our husband. I haven't tried it though because I don't want to cause any conflicts. But I'll try it this time, and see how it'll work for me. 

How about you sisses, do you have any advice for me? Comment it away! 

How To Answer Your Kids' Questions About Santa

Recently, Ate 2 asked me where Santa Claus came from and how would he knew that she was been good for this year? Honestly, I am speechless. I immediately answered, "Santa lives in North Pole (then, grab our world map)". Ate 2 got busy and she forgot about the second question. hehehe

photo credit:

Good thing Smart Parenting posted an article on how to answer you kids' questions about Santa Claus. You may read it here or click this link.

1. “Why is Santa so fat? Doesn’t he take care of his health?”
Aida Maria Perez, Ph.D., developmental psychologist and school principal at DBC Child Learning Center, Inc., advises you to say: “Santa would like to take care of his health, but he’s just too busy watching children doing well in school and at home.”

Tintin Bersola-Babao, TV host, and mom to Anya, 8, and Nio, 4, says: “Funny that Anya has never asked me this. But if she does, perhaps I would say, ‘Maybe he didn’t have time to exercise because he was too busy delivering gifts to kids like you!’ or ‘Santa’s belly fat helps keep him warm in the North Pole.’”

2. “Why does Santa have to sneak in at night? Doesn’t he want to meet me?”
Dr. Perez advises you to say: “Well, that’s the exciting part. He wants to give you a surprise and watch you open your gift to see if you are happy with it. Maybe there will come a time when you can meet him face to face.” (And that’s the time when you can spill the truth about Santa—i.e., you!)

G Töngi-Walters, actress, mom to Sakura, 8, and Kenobi, 6, says: “I’d tell them, ‘There are other children whom Santa needs to deliver gifts to, so he has no time to socialize.’ My kids have a direct line to Santa via their ‘Elf on the Shelf’ so they can relay messages to him directly.”

3. “Why are there so many Santa copycats? How do I know which is the real one?”
Dr. Perez advises you to say: “Santa copycats are there to multiply the fun. It’s difficult to say who the real Santa is if they are all wearing costumes, but the real Santa Claus is the one who has a good heart.”

Jodi Sta. Maria, actress, would tell her son, Thirdy, 7: “Better if you ask them yourself, ‘Are you the real Santa Claus?’”

4. “Everyone in my class believes in Santa. If they ask me if I believe, what should I tell them? I don’t want to spoil their fun.”
Dr. Perez advises you to say: “’It’s your choice. You may believe that Santa exists.’ The child’s age matters. Preschool kids are at the height of imagination and creativity, so it’s okay to believe in Santa, and it’s also okay not to. You can also tell him your own experiences about Santa when you were a kid.”

Jodi Sta. Maria would tell her son: “Tell your classmates the truth. Tell them what you think. If you think Santa isn’t real, then tell them. People have their own beliefs. Be honest [with yours].”

5. “Why didn’t you tell me the story of Santa Claus even if it’s just a fantasy? I would have loved it for sure.”
Dr. Perez advises you to say: “It’s never too late to tell you the story about Santa, and we can read it over and over again as often as you like.”

Jodi Sta. Maria would tell her son: “‘That’s because even I am not familiar with the story of Santa.’ I don’t want to pretend to know tapos mali-mali yung ikukuwento ko. ‘We can read about his story now.’”

6. “Why did you tell me all of that if it wasn’t true? That’s lying!”
Dr. Perez advises you to say:  “I decided to tell you just now because I didn’t want to spoil your fun. Santa comes along during Christmastime when everyone feels good and happy. Having Santa around, even just as décor at the mall, adds color to Christmas.”

Manilyn Reynes, singer-actress, mom to Kyle, 17, Kirk, 11, and Kael, 2, says:  “Sit down with your kid. Have a little picnic and tell him, ‘When I was young, I always believed that Santa Claus looked after me to check if I’d been good. Are you a good boy?’ After your child answers, say, ‘But do you know who he really is? Have you actually seen him?’ Your child will think about it and start to realize the truth. ’Wag mo siyang biglain. Idaan mo sa kuwento from your own childhood: ‘I peeped into the living room and saw my daddy by the tree…’ Do it through storytelling; kung seryoso ka, ’di siya makikinig sa ’yo.”

7. “You were sneaking? You told me not to do that!”
Dr. Perez advises you to say: “It’s my way of giving you surprises and seeing you smile. It makes Mom smile, too.”

Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, actress and parenting advocate, mom of five, says: “That happened to us. Our kids were too smart and they found out too soon. [My husband] Anthony tried to set it up to look as if Santa had been in the house. He put Santa footprints all over, but he forgot to hide the pair of shoes that he used so the kids discovered that it was just him. We’ve done it for fun, but we’ve always maintained that the focus should be on Christ. When we got caught, we just started to laugh. It was a good time for us to tell the kids, ‘Hey, let’s have fun with this,’ but we always go back to the focus of Christmas: Jesus.”

Fret no-more. I am sure these answer and question portion with your kids won't bring you headache anymore!

Holiday Spirit at Work

Hello working moms! I know how it feels when deadlines and demands at workplace hinders  the spirit of this coming yuletide season. Freak no more. Browse below and vanish those blues away!

1. Start decorating your cubicle. 
Some companies don't allow too much deco on their workplace. In my office, yes, but in fairness to the account I am currently, I have my own work station, and we're allowed to decorate it. If someone give me a Christmas card, I will surely post it on my desk!

2. Wear festive colors.
I used to wear red during Mondays, but since it's now one of my rest days, I am currently wearing my reds during Fridays. Female Network suggests to wear rich and livelier colors like green, purple, and gold. Omg! I don't have these colors on my wardrobe, but I'll include it on my shopping list. ;)

3. Listen to Christmas songs on your way to work. 
I like to listen songs while on my way to work to avoid boredom. Now, to feel the Christmas season, I've downloaded Christmas songs. Here's some recommendation: Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” and “O Holy Night.” For something a bit more upbeat, go with Glee’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and “Let It Snow.” 

4. Join Kris Kringle. 
We currently have a weekly Kris Kringle at the office and one exchange gist before Christmas. Our Kris Kringle for this week would be something funny, an items should only be around Php 20. For our exchange gift, it should cost Php 300. As of now, I can't think of anything for my wishlist. Any suggestions?

5. Give your co-workers a Christmas card.
Remember what I've told you regarding giving generic gifts to those not too close friends? That it includes co-workers. I am planning to give them card, with personalized notes and some token. I just don't know what token I'll include and what card should I give, but it's now included on my gift list. 

'Hope the tips above help you! Do you have any additional? Comment it away!

photo credit: Female Network

Tips for This Shopping Season

Ah It's Christmas time again. Ang bilis ng panahon! I remember when we're doing a count-down for our 13th month pay and now, it's now up for grab! hehehe

photo credit: Glamour Box Ph
Anyway, here are some tips to avoid stress during this gift-giving season.

1. Start early. 
November is early for me. So when I saw December 1 on my phone, it triggered me to be prepared. I suggest that when you go visit some malls, even not Christmas, and found something for a gift, grab it while supplies last. It save you more time.

2. Go to bazaars.
It's not a must, but it's a great place to find fab finds in a very affordable prices. 

3. Generic or Personal?
I really opted for personalized items. I don't mean that you put their name on your gift, but make it like you really know the person. For example, if your friend loves reading book, aside from giving him a book, you have the option to give him a bookmark. Then, choose generic gifts for your officemates. Like in my case, I am new to C1B, maybe I'll just give them generic gifts since I don't know them all much. 

Do you have any tips to add. Share them below!
Happy shopping! :)

Anne Curtis Slapped John Lloyd Cruz

Drunk Anne slapped John Lloyd when she hosted a friend's bachelorette party at a bar in The Fort, Taguig.

I know a lot of you would ask, "What happened?"

Here's the story according to JR Isaac which was published in
It was a typical Friday night when Isaac went hanging-out with his friends. When he's waiting for his drink with a friend, they heard someone shouting from behind. "Who's banging my door???" 

They turned around  and they saw Anne stepping out of the toilet. Then, Anne slapped him, a friend, and John Lloyd. Isaac even remembered Anne called John Lloyd an addict. 

According to Isaac, Anne screamed with finger pointing to Phoemela Baranda saying, "I can buy you, your friends, and this club!".

I know all of us have different opinions or point of view. For me, it's ok, it so happen that she's a public figure that's why it became a big issue. Yes, maybe because I like Anne this is why I commented like this, and I gave her this break she deserve. On the other hand, I am proud of her because after the incident, she made an effort to apologise, not only to the person she hurt, but also to her fans. 

photo credit:

Brain Damaging Habits Revealed

Our brain is one of the most important organ. And with that being said, this should be taken care of the best way possible. 

Here some damaging habits that should be avoided:

1. No Breakfast
People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

2. Overeating
It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.

3. Smoking
It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High Sugar consumption
Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

5. Air Pollution
The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.

6. Sleep Deprivation
Sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells.

7. Head covered while sleeping
Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects.

8. Working your brain during illness
Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts
Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage.

10. Talking Rarely
Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain.

Please share this helpful information to your love ones. 

photo credit:

Do You Remember Serena Dalrymple?

She's a former child star. I loved watching her because she's so witty and cute. Now, I was surprised to learn that she's 24 years old. OMG! Time really flies so fast!

Learning that she'll pursue her masters in UK is a big achievement. I don't know what happened why she lost the limelight but I think it was a very good decision. 

I am not saying that being an actor is  not a good profession. I just believe that being a public figure has a lot restriction compared to living in a normal life. 

Anyway, I've read that she's also trying to figure things out. I just found out that Serena's parents died when she was young, and I really feel sorry. Maybe this is the reason why she still need to figure things out, because she doesn't have parents to guide her? By the way, this is just my opinion. 

"Don't worry, Serena. I know that wherever your parents are, they are so proud of you!"

photo credit: Serena's Facebook