Worry Freak

Before I went on vacation, I talked to Ms. Kat, my supervisor, about what concerning me from the news shared by a friend, Jack. 

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Jack told me that I will be put back to Tier 1. Remember, I was recently moved to Tier 2 last week, and I got very worried why the management decided to put me back to Tier 1. 

I can't stop thinking about it throughout that day. I can't focus and even laugh whole-heartedly because of that news. I am thinking, "What did I do wrong?", etc. 

That day pass, and don't even mention it to Dad because I don't want him to worry about me. I can't sleep. I heart running fast and I don't know what to do. I thought that they're talking behind my back and feel sorry for me. 

Then, I came to work the following day, and decided that after my shift, I'll talk to Ms. Kat to clear things out. 

After I finished my last sup-call and logged-out, Ms. Kat waved goodbye and shouted, "Have a great vacation!" (Since I'll have my 2-day leave, long weekend, for Undas). But I sat beside her and asked, "Ms. Kat, is it true that I'll be put back to Tier 1 again? Is is because of my performance? Did I do something wrong?".

Ms. Kat got shocked and said, "Yes, there's a possibility that you'll be taking CS (customer service) calls again, BUT it's not because of your performance. It is only because the business needs it. There's nothing wrong with you. You're doing excellent on being Tier 2." 

After that, I was relieved, and thank her for clarifying. I told her the reason why I asked her about it; because it's really bugging me. And I don't want to go on leave with any worries at all. 

However, Ms. Kat asked me who said that news to me. I was silenced then all of a sudden Boss Bits (other supervisor) shouted, "It's Jack who told Mira about the news!" Then, I worry again. I explained to Ms. Kat that Jack is just being a friend to me. And I felt the sincerity when he told me about it. But Ms. Kat is decided to speak with Jack. 

She said that she wanted to know who because she wants to speak with this person because it's not healthy in a workplace; spilling a news without any explanation. This is why I got worried. And she said that the transition is not yet final. Management still needs to weigh things before making any decisions that's why they haven't told me yet. 

Now, my only concern is how would Jack feel when Ms. Kat talked to him. He might feel betrayed because of what I've done? He might think that I am not trust-worthy? He might not talk to me again? What will I do???

Waaaah...I can't stop being a worry freak!


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