Warning for Kids Who Use Tablets

Meron ba kayong tablet that you allow your kids to play with? For us, yes. We recently bought Ate 1 a Samsung Tab 2 for her birthday as she always ungot this every single day. So Dad and I decided to buy her one for her birthday and to show how we appreciate her when she took care of bunso when we're sleeping during the day and Mama has something to do. 

However, be mindful parents! According to doctors, allowing children, particularly those under two years old, to use a tablet for prolonged periods of time may actually do more harm than good to their developing bodies.

In an interview with Baltimore.cbslocal.com, occupational therapist Lindsay Marzoli says, “If they are always on the iPad and not actually doing those paper and pencil activities that they should be doing, those muscles are going to remain weaker. What we’re seeing is a lot of children coming in with some motor delays, some decreased muscle strength in areas.”

Though we can't deny that exposing our kids to these touchscreen gadgets will give them some educational benefits, experts advise to limit their exposure at least 15 mins at a time. And that being said, I encourage parents to make some fun outdoor. Aside from the vitamins they could get from Haring Araw, they would be able to learn how to cope to their surrounding and socialize.

photo credit: guide4tablet.com


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