Starbucks Planner 2014

I love to write. This is why I always wanted to carry a planner with me. I started with Cosmopolitan's Planner and for the last 2 years I have Starbuck's. So, I decided to have Starbuck's planner every year. 

I know it costs much but I like their planner so much. I got mine as a gift from Tinong, my uncle, which I really really appreciated. I jumped when he gave it to me because of the fact that I can't afford it, moneywise. 

So, I am hoping to receive another one this year. And I am planning that as early as now, I'll talk to him to get this my much-loved planner. 

As I check it out on The Food Alphabet and More, Starbuck's planner comes in four (4) delightful colors, Yellow, Brown, Magenta and Black.  Inspired by the colors of Starbucks coffee beans - Blond Roast (yellow), Medium Roast (Brown), Dark Roast (Magenta) and Starbucks Reserve Coffee (exotic, rare and exquisite).

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Each planner comes with a coffee icon bookmark, each unique for its color. The Coffee bean for the yellow, coffee house for the brown, sail boat for the magenta and coffee cup for the black.

For more info on how to get one, visit this post from The Food Alphabet and More!

I want mine to be in magenta, I previously adored pink but I am switched to Red now. And since the planner don't come in red, I'll choose the one in the shade of pink. 

Aaaaah...I can't wait to have mine!!!


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