School Announcements

I am awake since 4am today to prepare Ate 1 and 2 for school. Around 5am, ginising ko na si Ate 1 to prepared since she needs to be in school 10 mins before 6am. So, around quarter to 6, she already waited outside our house for her service, but come 6am wala pa din. 

I came outside our house and asked our neighbor if they saw Kuya Roland, our service. Then, Ate Minda, Chloe's mom (Ate 1's classmate), come to me and said, "Wala daw pasok ngayonn kasi Palarong Pambansa!" And I said, "What???!".

What annoys me is the fact that they don't give announcement. The school should have informed their students or their parents by writing something on kid's assignment notebook. 

Hindi ko tuloy alam gagawin ko since today is Ate 1's schedule in for kumpisal. Well, meron pa naman bukas. I just hope ma-accommodate nila lahat ng students, kasi ayoko pumunta sa special kumpisal day, which lahat ng hindi nakapagkumpisal on their scheduled date from different school will come. Nawo-worry tuloy ako. 

photo credit: GMA Network


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