Robinsons Place Manila Kiddie Festival

Robinsons Place Manila celebrates Kids Month with a series of wholesome events and activities geared towards fun and learning. "Robinsons Place Manila's Kiddie Festival" will host a Kiddie Carnival on the opening date, November 16, Saturday at the Mall's Midtown Wing where play booths, giant inflatables, will be set-up.

On November 17, kids aged 7 to 12 years old are invited to join the Jr. Adventure Race. Parents are obliged to join their children. For the Jr. Adventure Race, the entire Robinsons Place Manila will be used as the race venue with 3 areas: Detour, Road Block and the Pit Stop,. Each team will be given destination envelopes and a course to compete.

The fun continues the following week November 23, Saturday with Little Chef activity. This event aims to educate parents about the importance of eating healthy and encourage the younger generation to be more conscious on the food that they eat and while also inspiring them to cook or prepare healthy meals. The activity area will have 4 areas: Prep and Cooking, Presentation Area, The Store, and the Activity Area. Rounds' main ingredients/round ideas will include Protein, Vegetables. Snacks and Invention Test and games. Only one winner will be chosen per round. 

The two weekend run will be capped with the first annual RoboCon to include a RoboWar Competition, a build your own competition, Mad Science Inventions and talks on the status and future of robotics in the Philippines.

For more details, please contact Jemma Zafra 0932-8472576 or thru landline 310-3333 and look for Ming Siao.

I still don't know if we could come since it's Ate 1's Communion on Saturday, November 16, but I know this would be a great fun to families out there! So, if you'll have time this coming weekend, go to Robinsons Place Manila and enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid press release. 
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