Phoemela Beranda's 15-year Old Daughter

I was a BIT shocked when I heard the news about Phoemela Beranda's daughter. It is not because I expected it or I knew it, but because her story was not a first-time anymore.

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It was aired on The Buzz, I just can't remember the exact date when, that Phoemela Baranda has a 15-year old daughter. She stated that it was her late mother's decision to keep her daughter (I just don't know if she meant to keep her daughter to public and even to the girl) because she was just starting to have a modelling career. 

Then now, she decided to tell the story to the public because she realized the missed opportunities with her daughter and to start a new life. 

In my POV, I really can't understand how she have done this? After all this years! She played a very good role pretending to be single with all the single men that were linked to her. She chose her career over her daughter? 

But, of course, everybody deserves a second chance. I just hope that she's more mindful on what she'll do now. It is like she can no longer make any mistakes, because in the eye of the public, abandoning your daughter is already a crime!


Jocris Mangubat said...

Is it true? Shocks.. I am surprised, I thought she is single talaga.. well, She is single, but maybe Single MOm?

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