Non-Prescribed Contact Lenses Scare

I used to wear colored contact lens for fashion. The last one I had was colored violet. Imagine how I look with a violet eye. Then, after a week of using it, I felt my eyes get irritated that why I stopped using contact lens and immediately visit a doctor. 

Photo d_pham via Flickr Creative Commons
That's the time I found out that I need to wear correcting eye glasses (those who have prescribed grades). The doctor said that it doesn't have anything to do with wearing contact lens for about a week, it's my habit and how I took care of my eyes before. 

In line with this, Time reported that wearing non-prescription contact lenses may cause us to lose our vision. 

According to experts, wearing contact lenses is more than just placing colored film on your eyes. Doctors actually base the kind of lenses they prescribe on the measurement of your cornea's curvature. If the lenses are too flat, they may end up moving too much and scratching your cornea, and if they're too tight, oxygen may be unable to flow and lead to dry and torn corneas. Both situations may invite bacteria to grow and flourish, which may end up impairing your vision.

"Many of the places unauthorized to sell contacts do not explain how to sterilise contact lenses," eye laser surgery specialist Dr. Richard Norden says. "People don't know what they are getting and they don't know when to take them out."

If you really must wear contact lenses for your costume, doctors urge you to go visit an eye clinic and have experts recommend the right pair for you. Although they may cost more than your online store lenses, they are kinder and better suited for your eyes.  


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