My 3 Reasons Why My Kids Play Outdoor

Allowing your kids to play outdoor is crucial to a healthy child development. In my case, I allow my daughters to play outside early in the morning (before 10am), and after their afternoon nap (around 4pm) because I think that spending my kids' time to play outside will do good to them.

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So, here's my reason why I allow my kids to play outdoor:

1. Vitamin D Absorption
We all know that being under the sun before 10am is good for our body because of the Vitamin D that we can get. Yes, I also know that we could now get over-the-counter vitamins to supplement the needed Vitamin D, but it is still good for our body to naturally produce the vitamins that our body needs. 

2. Social Development
There's nothing wrong in playing with you or their siblings but I think it's still best to play with other people in your neighborhood. Being a family member, we can accept everything even if it's our kids' fault. We can easily forgive. Unlike when they play outside with other kids, they would know the effect of the bad things they've done to other people. 

3. Fulfilling my Kids' Freedom
As a parent, we want to keep our kids as close and as safe as possible. We don't want any harm happen to them, right? But we must remember that our kids need to have freedom to explore and assert a bit of independence (like we do) to learn the things that we can't teach them. 

What about you mommie, do you allow your kids to play outdoor? Why?


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