Limit Your Kids' Internet Usage

Alvynne, my eldest, always asking me if we have load for our broadband. Yes, we have a prepaid broadband service from Sun. And I chose it for practicality and to monitor our usage. 

Time reported that prolonged exposure to mobile devices and the Internet has been linked to cyberbullying. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), having easy access to the World Wide Web exposes children to a lot of unsuitable content. With each new gadget or application, parents also find it harder and harder to monitor their kids’ online activities.

In order to avoid Internet misuse, the AAP encourages parents to limit their children’s device use to only two hours a day, unless they are doing school work. Setting boundaries would teach them to appreciate the value of educational online content beyond their social media networks and help them focus more on their lives offline.


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