Jobs, a Movie Review

Dad and I watched Jobs earlier before we decided to go to Divisoria, which will be featured in a different post.

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In the meantime, Jobs is the story of Steve Jobs' ascension from college drop-out into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, and directed by Joshua Michael Stern. 

The verdict:
This is a feel-good movie because the story will motivate people. Dad said that Ashton Kutcher was able to copy how the real Steve Jobs walks. 

However, I think the movie is nakakabitin. It is like nagpalabas lang movie for the sake na magkapera. Ewan ko ha, but like I've said that's only my opinion. Para kasing it's all because namatay si Steve Jobs.

Of course there's a moral lesson sa story, kelangan nilang lagyan ng ganun to have an effect to those people who'll watch, like us. Sabi ni Dad, ok naman daw, and he really didn't expect much, too. 

It's lacking of something. Maybe because I didn't find much else about Jobs' motivation for this take-no-prisoners drive to be the best in business world. 

I would still recommend this movie though. If you don't know Steve Jobs, like me, you might wanna watch this. However, if you know him much, maybe just stay what you are or something else. 

On the brighter side, here are some behind the scenes:

To prepare for his role, Ashton Kutcher followed a fruitarian diet, similar to Steve Jobs' reported diet. Days before shooting, he was hospitalized with pancreatitis.

Almost all of the scenes involving Jobs' parents' house and garage were filmed in the actual Los Altos, California house and garage where Steve Jobs grew up in the 1970s.


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