Jax Cote

Who is Jax Cote???

If you are a Filipino, you don't wanna know who is this Jax Cote! However, just to give you a little background, according to SouthOmer.com, she is a Canadian elementary teacher who attacks Filipinos online by making a racist comment about Typhoon Yolanda.

photo credit/s: SouthOmer.com
The comment says:
"so this means the world is getting rid a whole wack of Phillipino’s? about time God cleaned house!"

It looks like someone will lose a Facebook account or might be even losing her teaching job?

I felt bad after reading this. I worked with a Canadian company before, and I am very disappointed that someone needs to be racist for whatever reason...

How about you, sisses? What do you think about Cote's comment about Filipinos? Post it away below!


Kittykat Miyaw said...

This one really is below the belt. It hurts knowing a lot were devastated. I wouldn't want to wish ill on anyone. God bless her!

Venus said...

She has posted a public apology.

"I would like to issue an apology those affected by the tragedy in the Philippines. I made a ignorant, racist comment because I had a bad experience with a Filipino family in recent months. The comment I made was not meant to be directed at Filipinos in general. In no way, shape or form is that an excuse for the nasty remark. I am sincerely sorry to those affected by this horrific ordeal. Sincerely, Jax Cote"

Nonetheless, her remark made me mad last week. Oh well, at least she has now learned her lesson.

Mira Delos Reyes said...

It's good to know that she apologized and recognize her fault. It really makes me mad. God bless her.

Thanks for dropping by, sis. :)

Mira Delos Reyes said...

I agree, but Venus posted above Cote's apology. And I accepted it. ;)

Thanks for dropping by, too, sis! :)

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