Forever 21 2013 Ed

One year older, but that's fine. I don't dwell too much about my age. The most important of gaining another year in my life are the adventures and lesson learned throughout my journey.

I'll share tidbits on what happened on that day. It was just full of surprises:

1. When browsing, Google greeted me!

2. I've got a new haircut (but I'll post the pic some other time), then Dad and I went to a Spa. 

We had basic foot spa with pedicure (plus manicure for me) and their signature massage (Swedish). I'll post a review some other time, too. I don't got the chance to take pictures since it was my first time to visit the place and the people are quite many. 

What I was surprised about? I don't have extra money for that spa experience, though I always asked Dad that I wanted to have a massage, so I appreciate the effort that Dad spare some dime for me to have my wish came true on my birthday.

3. Though I already knew that we gave cards to those people who are celebrating their birthday at the office, I really appreciate the card with a small cake they've given me. 

I hate to compare but I never had one on my previous account so I am very happy. My supervisor initiates this kind of event so I really appreciate her effort!

4. Before the day ends, we went to in-law's house. They didn't prepare something for me but they just wanted me to be there to celebrate my birthday with them. 

I am just thankful to all people who made my birthday special most especially to Dad. He tried his best to make that day extra special and happy. I just told him that he doesn't need to do anything more, because just being with you and with our kids my life is worth-living!


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