Couples Who Text Too Much are Not Always Sweet

Experts say that strong relationships are built with constant communication, does this include receiving text messages more than the usual?

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According to the new study published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship, 82% of young adults say they text their romantic partner multiple times a day, but all that connectivity, it seems, doesn't always translate to greater relationship bliss.

The study also reveals that men who texted more often in general reported lower relationship quality than those who didn’t ping their significant others as frequently. The researchers can only speculate about why, but suspect that as men disconnect from a relationship, or consider a break-up, they replace face-to-face interactions with less intimate communication in the form of increased texting.

Women, on the other hand, who texted more often, reported higher quality connections with their mates than those who messaged more sparingly. Women tended to take to their smartphone keyboards to apologize, work out their differences and make decisions — in other words, when their relationship was in trouble. As their connection with their loved one deteriorated, women attempted to make up or resolve their differences via text, which the scientists believe is the online version of the need to “talk things out."

I used text messaging to communicate with my loved ones. I may say that it wasn't the volume of messages but the content that will affect the quality of our relationship. In addition, texting may also enhance your romance most especially if you received loving messages.

Understanding the role of texting plays in the way lovers communicate could lead to greater appreciation for when such missives help, and when they don’t. For now, texting seems to be best for the first blush of new romance, and better left alone when deeper conflicts arise.


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