Beware Volunteers!!!

I came across a blog post asking to spread the word to help them find this thief who stole his friend's Samsung S4 while doing a volunteer work at Villamor Airbase on November 19, 2013.

Here's what happened:
This thief started taking #selfie pictures using his stolen gadget, but what he didn't know is the owner of the phone linked her photo album with Dropbox account, it means that all of his photo get uploaded to the owner's other online sharing account.

Here's what the owner posted regarding this incident:

I just want to give a friendly warning to all of you especially who are volunteering now in Villamor Airbase and other relief operations. Some people are just here to really take advantage during times like these. 
As you might know, I lost some valuables last Tuesday, November 19, while doing volunteer work in Villamor Airbase. Before we even started, we noticed this guy in pink shirt lingering around our designated area, but since we thought he is with the other volunteer group with the sole purpose also of helping the Yolanda survivors, we just ignored him and continued packing & distributing relief goods. Little did we know that he was there not to help, but he was there for his own personal gain. 
Thanks to technology, I was able to confirm my suspicions. Two days after the incident, I was able to retrive pictures of him thru my Dropbox app account that is synced to my stolen Samsung S4 phone. YESSS! THE THIEF IS UNKNOWINGLY SENDING ME HIS SELFIE PICS!!! 
The police said this might be a scheme/ modus operandi, so please, to all of you, please be warned. Look at his pictures. Stare at it. (Creepy!!) Be vigilant. Take care of your things and beware of people like him. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Pls help me share.
Without further a-do, here's the #selfie pictures of the thick-faced thief: 

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If you incidentally saw this guy or know who he is, please leave a comment below or you may also share this story to help find this thief and to spread the word about worthless *ssh*les like him, stealing from those helping others! 


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