Being a Mother is NOT the Most Important Job in the World

Hello fellow mommies! Have you read this article written by Catherine Deveny for

We have our own opinions and I respect it. Maybe I just got hurt after reading the post. In my case as a working mom and a wife of an OFW before, it's really really hard to have a balance life, family, and career. An I'll fight for it! Most especially now, since hubby is working here in the Philippines, I am pretty sure that he can't be the same metikulosa as I am when we talk about our kids. 

One day, I asked hubby to go to our eldest meeting in school for her first communion since I won't be able to come because my shift ends at 8:30am and the meeting will start at 9am. When Dad came home and I asked him what happened? He just replied with, "There'll be another meeting the next day to finalize. You may attend to that to know everything since what we did is just to plan today." I am not saying that Dad don't care at all, but answered, "Why? Do you have notes? (like what I am doing when I attend school meeting)". He responded, "No, I don't have any." -End of conversation.-

I know some mothers will agree that fatherhood is very different compared to being a mother. I always ask this question when I hear something bad about my kids, "Bakit ang tatay, mabigyan lang ng mgandang buhay ang mga anak; nakakakain araw-araw, may magagandang damit, nakakapag-aral sa magandang eskwelahan ang mga anak, masasabi na nating mabuti syang ama, pero ang nanay, kahit na feeling mo ginawa mo na ang lahat at may nangyaring masama sa anak mo, sayo ang sisi, and sasabihin pang hindi ka naging mabuting ina?"

Please don't get me wrong and I don't want single dads and gay dads to feel bad. Because for me, vaginal laceration when giving birth and breastfeeding is not how you define motherhood, it's how you take care and love your kids the best way that you can even if your man or a woman most especially if you're balancing family and career!

Please take time to read the article and let me know hat you feel afterwards.


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