"Escalations, this is Mary."

On October 18th, during my lunch break, Ms. Kat, my supervisor talked to me regarding my career. She started the conversation with questions like, "Do you think it will help you to have more access to CAS (our tool)?". After that being said, I know na kung san papunta yung usapan, so I asked her, "Ms. Kat, anu ba gusto mong sabihin?" Then, she answered, "You are included to a list to be interviewed by our client to be a supgate."

What is SupGate?
This is a tier 2 position where you'll be taking supervisor calls. Some companies call it SME (subject matter expert).

I am surprised because I was taking calls for less than 3 months in this account, and I was already included on the list. 

To cut the story short, the interview gone by and Ms. Kat informed us (we are 4 on the list) that the announcement who'll be the supgates (since they'll need 2) will be announced on Monday shift.

So without further a-do, I am one the the supgate that our client picked. And I thank all the people I know who influenced me. Honestly, I don't know kung bakit ako nakuha kasi aside sa onting time pa lang ako nagca-calls for the account compared sa iba, sobrang sandali lang ng interview sakin. 

So instead of saying, "Thank you for calling _______, may I have your account number?", it will now be, "Escalations, this is Mary!" (Taray!)

photo credits: virtual-call-centre.com


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