Marathons May Cause Heart Damage In Amateur Runners

Photo by William Murphy via Flickr Creative Commons
Since my uncle works in ANC, ABS-CBN news channel-who always have marathon to support environmental pledge, he always encourage us to join their sponsored marathon. And my mom always come and join. 

However, after I learn that joining long-distance runs without proper preparation may cause heart damage, I got concern. My mom suffered from high blood pressure so I don't want her to be at risk. 

In a study initially published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, researchers observed 20 recreational runners between ages 18 to 60 six to eight weeks before a scheduled marathon. The participants were once again tested on the day of the run itself and 48 hours after it.

Based on the MRI and blood sampling results, the researchers found a decrease in function in the left and right ventricles of half of the amateur runners who had low fitness levels. There was also reduced blood flow and swelling of the heart.

Thus, the results emphasize the need for proper preparation before recreational distance runners engage in a marathon race. 


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