2 Days Before Barangay Elections 2013

Here we are again. On Monday, October 28, 2013, boboto na naman tayo. And here's an infographic of some do's and don't for this upcoming voting season:

We need to be careful and mindful of who to vote. Remember, our barangay officials are the one who can easily run to since their situated near our area. Always remember to use your brain and not your heart; he/she needs to be someone who can easily find and run to not the other way around. And not because you already know the person eh sya na ang iboboto mo, for the sake of being neighbors. 

This coming election will be a great brain exercise to all of us. Gamitin din natin si brainy paminsan-minsan and pag may time. ;)

I hope that the infographic above is a big help. Goodluck, mga sis. Be early sa mga respected precinct para hindi tayo masyadong maging hagardo versoza!

photo credits: www.gov.ph


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