BioFitea, a Review

I was constipated last week. I don't know what happened since I am drinking water more than the daily requirement. I felt na napu-poops na ako, but when I sat down nothing comes out. 

So, Sky, my cousin, asked me to try BioFitea. I got scared at first since I don't want to feel that I am always about to go to the bathroom to flush it all away, but I've decided to give it try. Good think this happened during my rest day. 

BioFitea is made from first-class Senna herb carefully processed to comply with the meticulous international standards of herbal tea preparation. No chemical Solution added. 

BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea reduces weight by flushing out the unwanted fats and toxins from the body. It also helps ease up digestion and constipation. Regular consumption promotes not only slimmer and sexy figure but also a healthy digestive system. 

Each Teabag contains:
Senna Leaves 75%
Senna Pods 25%

Directions for Use:
Place one (1) teabag of BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea in a cup of hot water. Let it steep for 10 to 15 mins. Add sugar or lemon to taste. Do not boil directly into teapot. For best results, drink BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea before bedtime. 

The Verdict:

I give this product 5/5.

Effective sya when it comes of flushing it all out. Yung nga lang once nag-take effect na sya, which is about 4-6 hours after drinking a cup, almost 3 times ako nagpabalik-balik sa restroom. 

So it is really advisable to take it during your day-off and before bed time. 

By the way, I added sugar on my tea and let the teabag steep for about 15 mins, hindi ko kasi namalayan, kaya ang ending medyo mapait sya. Pero keri lang naman ang pait, hindi naman sya kasing pait ng ampalaya!

I would recommend this product for those people na constipated like me to take one during your day-off, kasi nga medyo hassle naman kung sa office ka pa maabutan, so the next visit to the restroom you will say, "Success!"

"Escalations, this is Mary."

On October 18th, during my lunch break, Ms. Kat, my supervisor talked to me regarding my career. She started the conversation with questions like, "Do you think it will help you to have more access to CAS (our tool)?". After that being said, I know na kung san papunta yung usapan, so I asked her, "Ms. Kat, anu ba gusto mong sabihin?" Then, she answered, "You are included to a list to be interviewed by our client to be a supgate."

What is SupGate?
This is a tier 2 position where you'll be taking supervisor calls. Some companies call it SME (subject matter expert).

I am surprised because I was taking calls for less than 3 months in this account, and I was already included on the list. 

To cut the story short, the interview gone by and Ms. Kat informed us (we are 4 on the list) that the announcement who'll be the supgates (since they'll need 2) will be announced on Monday shift.

So without further a-do, I am one the the supgate that our client picked. And I thank all the people I know who influenced me. Honestly, I don't know kung bakit ako nakuha kasi aside sa onting time pa lang ako nagca-calls for the account compared sa iba, sobrang sandali lang ng interview sakin. 

So instead of saying, "Thank you for calling _______, may I have your account number?", it will now be, "Escalations, this is Mary!" (Taray!)

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Our Brain Cells Shrink When We Sleep

Ooops don't worry! It's a good thing! 

According to the new study featured on Time, our brain gets rid of cellular garbage when we're resting at night.

Its housekeeping team, known as the glymphatic system, releases cerebrospinal fluid that flows through the brain to wash away waste materials back to the circulatory system, which the liver then processes and disposes.

Using a technique called two-photon microscopy on laboratory mice, Dr. Maiken Nedergaard and her team of researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) found that brain cells actually shrink by 60 percent when a person is asleep to help the glymphatic system do its job more efficiently. 

As cerebral toxins that are flushed out include cells and proteins that cause Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological problems, the study highlights the need for people to have healthy sleeping habits.  

“The brain only has limited energy at its disposal and it appears that it must choose between two different functional states – awake and aware or asleep and cleaning up,” says Nedergaard.  “You can think of it like having a house party. You can either entertain the guests or clean up the house, but you can’t really do both at the same time.”

So tulog-tulog din pag may time. 

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2 Days Before Barangay Elections 2013

Here we are again. On Monday, October 28, 2013, boboto na naman tayo. And here's an infographic of some do's and don't for this upcoming voting season:

We need to be careful and mindful of who to vote. Remember, our barangay officials are the one who can easily run to since their situated near our area. Always remember to use your brain and not your heart; he/she needs to be someone who can easily find and run to not the other way around. And not because you already know the person eh sya na ang iboboto mo, for the sake of being neighbors. 

This coming election will be a great brain exercise to all of us. Gamitin din natin si brainy paminsan-minsan and pag may time. ;)

I hope that the infographic above is a big help. Goodluck, mga sis. Be early sa mga respected precinct para hindi tayo masyadong maging hagardo versoza!

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Home Sweetie Home Soon ABS-CBN

I just came across a news that ABS-CBN will have a new sitcom entitled Home Sweetie Home starring John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga.

And here's the teaser:

There's no official press release yet so I don't know what will this sitcom about?
I like them both, lalo na yung movie na pinagtamabalan nila. Pareho silang effective in their own way.

I am just hoping na maganda 'to and kaabang-abang talaga. What I feel is comedy 'to since andyan si Toni. And I don't have any idea lang kung anung maging ganap ni John Lloyd?

Kayo mga sis, watcha think? Like or Dislike?

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Janine Tugonon Admitted She Was Stupid

photo from Female Network
Janine Tugonon, Ms. Universe 2012 first runner-up, admitted that she regret spilling the beans on her breakup with ex-boyfriend Jaypee Santos in their Kris TV interview back in April.

Janine had cited The Script front man Danny O’Donoghue as the cause of the split, but she would later on clarify that nothing romantic was going on between them.

I can't blame the beauty queen when she spilled anything about her past relationship on Kris TV. We all know that the host will make kulit for the guest to answer. I don't blame the host either, she's just being herself. 

The good part is...Janine learned something from this experience. 

Angel Locsin and Phil Younghunsband's Break-up

While browsing my daily reads, I came across a news that shocked me. 

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And this is the break-up of Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband. I got sad because I thought they were really in-love and get married someday. 

According to the article from, there was no third-party involved and the decision to splitville is mutual. I've also read that there was a text message from Angel saying that she doesn't want to elaborate the reason, and she expects our understanding about this. 

You don't have to worry, Angel. I am sad and really want to know what happened but I respect your decision not to talk about it. It's your right and the best thing for you to do right now. 

Enchong Dee's Video Scandal

photo from
May kumakalat na tsimis na meron daw sex video scandal si Enchong Dee with Sebastian Castro, openly gay Youtube personality - who already dismissed the rumor. 

Naghamon si Enchong sa Twitter na ipakita sa kanya ang video pero walang nakapaglabas ng kahit na anong kopya.

Though he seems not affected about the rumors, he felt really sorry to those people who are trying to destroy him. The actor said, "Pasensya na and at the same time, sa mga taong naglalabas hindi ko akalain na ganon kababa ang tingin niyo sa akin."

Nakakaawa naman talaga 'tong si Enchong, hindi na maialis sa kanya na bakla sya. Though he's just being himself, nagiging masama ang dating sa iba. Ano bang problema sa lalaking mukhang mabait and vain. And kung bading talaga sya, anu naman ngayon? Bakit kelangan pang manira?

Marathons May Cause Heart Damage In Amateur Runners

Photo by William Murphy via Flickr Creative Commons
Since my uncle works in ANC, ABS-CBN news channel-who always have marathon to support environmental pledge, he always encourage us to join their sponsored marathon. And my mom always come and join. 

However, after I learn that joining long-distance runs without proper preparation may cause heart damage, I got concern. My mom suffered from high blood pressure so I don't want her to be at risk. 

In a study initially published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, researchers observed 20 recreational runners between ages 18 to 60 six to eight weeks before a scheduled marathon. The participants were once again tested on the day of the run itself and 48 hours after it.

Based on the MRI and blood sampling results, the researchers found a decrease in function in the left and right ventricles of half of the amateur runners who had low fitness levels. There was also reduced blood flow and swelling of the heart.

Thus, the results emphasize the need for proper preparation before recreational distance runners engage in a marathon race. 

Sarah Geronimo Refused To Talk About Her Rumored Romance With Matteo Guidicelli

Photo courtesy of
When I read about this news, I said to myself, parang may mali, then, I realized parang nag-switched ng partner. This maybe one of the reason kung bakit ayaw pag-usapan ni Sarah ang love life nya ngayon. 

Anyway, Sarah was quoted on article, "Pasensiya na po, ayoko po talagang pag-usapan. Pasensiya na po... sana naiintindihan niyo po na, this time, sana gusto kong gawing private at ayaw kong haluan ng showbiz."

Naiintindihan ko kung bakit ayaw ng pag-usapan pa ni Sarah. Maraming factors pero ayoko ng i-elaborate, maybe we should respect her decision. Ang bad side nga lang is...she's a public figure. So sa ayaw nya at hindi, mapag-uusapan talaga. 

Lack Of Sleep May Cause Impaired Concentration

Photo by Timothy Krause via Flickr Creative Commons
This is self-explanatory and I know most of us experienced this. When we only got a 4 to 6 hours of sleep a day, we really can't think straight. 

If you want a scientific proof, reasearchers led by Alexandros N. Vgontzas of the Penn State University College of Medicine assigned 30 healthy adults a sleeping schedule. For the first four nights, the participants were allowed to sleep for eight hours. The next six nights saw them sleeping for only six hours, while the last three had them in bed for 10 hours.

During the study, the researchers analyzed the participants' brain waves and monitored their blood samples for the inflammation marker interleukin-6 and the stress hormone cortisol. They also tested the subjects’ sleepiness and attention levels.

The results revealed that after five days of irregular sleep, the participants showed an increase in interleukin-6 levels, although their cortisol levels showed little change. They also scored lower in tests of wakefulness and attentiveness. On the other hand, two days of "recovery sleep" revealed a decrease in interleukin-6. Cortisol levels also dropped, suggesting that the participants were already sleep deprived prior to the study. They were also less sleepy. However, their results in the tests did not improve. 

Most of us work late into the night during the workweek, thinking that our bodies would recover from lost sleep during the weekend, but according to a study on Science Daily, this isn’t necessarily true. So instead of staying up late during weekdays and bunking up for 10 hours during weekends, it's best to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep on a daily basis.

Sodexo GC

Every week nag-aaward sa account namin for highest SA (schedule adherence). And for 2 weeks I was included! Funny lang kasi sa dati kong account lagi akong late, as in pagsinabi mo yung pangalan ko< ang kaasunod nun eh, "Ahhh yung laging nale-late!" 

Please don't ask me for my motivation, kasi wala naman talagang major reason. Maybe habit na kasi na kelangan kong pumasok, nagkataon lang na sa account ko ngayon, I have the chance to pick my preferred schedule, and good vibes and supe (supervisor) ko. 

Anyway, here's the GCs I've got:

My friends from my previous account will definitely laugh about this. Kasi dati halos hindi namin mabilang sa sobrang dami ng GC na nakukuha namin. Dahil sa sobrang tagal i-release, halos makakabili ka na ng window-type na aircon sa laki ng amount. 

Keri lang naman kahit Php 200 worth lang ng GC meron ako ngayon, at least I'm proud na lagi na akong on-time pumasok! #goodvibes

#selfie Antoinelle's Edition

If you check the networking sites i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc you can find "#selfie" most of the time. My kids do this a lot, so to avoid my phone hang, I'll post their selfie edition here. And let me start with my second daughter's #selfie:

What can you say? hihihi

Infographic: The Spending Habit of Filipinos


As you can see on the picture above, most of us put 37% of our income on food, which is the largest portion of the pie, and put 6% only in the bank for savings. 

Fitz Villafuerte, author of Ready to be Rich blog, recommended savings rate is 30%, which means we should save that much of our monthly income. And if we find that too difficult, he continues, we can always start with 6% and then slowly increase it each month.

Female Network's Bitter Endings Patama Quotes

I came across this quote while browsing, and I laugh out loud (buti na lang hindi nagising eldest ko! hihi):

photo from

For more laughs and patama quotes, grab a copy of Bitter Endings: Top 100 Patama Quotes from Female Network, available in all bookstores and newsstands nationwide for P150.

This is not a paid post.

Glee Ends After 6 Seasons

screencap via Youtube
I was a fan of Glee, a tv musical-comedy, during their first season. I like the part where they sing to express how they feel. I even downloaded all the songs they sang during that season. 

So learning that Glee will end on it's 6th season, as Ryan Murphy announced, (creator of Glee) felt sad. 

He said during his speech at an FX Network event, that he has to rethink his plans for the series finale. 

He revealed that he originally intended the final season to revolve around the love story of Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry, who are played by Cory and his real-life girlfriend Lea Michele.

"I always knew that, I always knew how it would end. I knew what the last shot was, he was in it. I knew what the last line was, she said it to him," Ryan said.

Unfortunately, the unexpected death of Glee star Cory Monteith in July due to alcohol and heroin overdose has a big impact in the show. 

Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado Break Up

photo by
Ricky Lo, entertainment columnist, confirmed in the October 18, 2013 issue of Philippine star that couple Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado broke up after spending 2 years together. 

It was reported that there was no third party involved in their break-up, though the former couple’s relationship have weathered several intrigues, such as when Jennylyn’s name was dragged into actor Paolo Contis's split from his wife, Lian Paz.

Lo quoted, "They simply fell out of love."

Sayang...I am proud of Luis every time I saw them in tv. You can see how Luis loves Jennylyn. Nakakapanghinayang lang, but that's life. Maybe they just really fell out of love. Ang pangit din kasi maniwala sa third party issue, lalo na kung kay Jennylyn, kasi may anak na sya.

Mini S.O.S

Because of my kudos calls, I was given a mini s.o.s:

It's not much I know but the idea of recognizing your excellent customer service is something. 

My colleague said kudos calls use to have Sodexo GC, but for me, it's ok that I don't have one, as long as my supervisor tap my back whenever I did good and believes in me. 

[Updated] Join Healthy Options' Love Food, Don't Waste Campaign

photo credits by Healthy Options Philippines Facebook
Here's what you have to do to join the campaign:

1. After eating, post a photo of your empty plate on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter*.
2. Include a caption and don't forget the #foodlessplate hashtag. 
3. Share your #foodlessplate photo on your other social media accounts.
4. Tag the Healthy Options Facebook page, Twitter (@_HealthyOptions), and Instagram (@HealthyOptionsPH) accounts.
5. A donation will be made to Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc’s EAT TO FEED** program once we reach 500 entries. So invite your friends to join the cause!

*You can submit one photo per day. Your #foodlessplate photos need to be set to public in order for them to count.
**To volunteer for the EAT TO FEED program, e-mail Limited slots, granted on a first come, first served basis.

I'll post mine soon!


Here's my entry:

Our Fave Bibingka

Waiting Helps Us To Be More Patient

Let's face it-- no one likes to wait. We want instant gratification, right? But ScienceDaily reports that waiting help us make more patient and help us make better decisions. 

photo by
The researchers conducted a series of experiments in the U.S., mainland China and Hong Kong. The participants were invited to sign up for an online study, which entitled them to join one of two lotteries. One would give them a chance to win $50 earlier, while the other would give them a chance to win $55 after waiting for a couple more days. They were divided into three groups: the first group would receive $50 in three days or $55 in 23 days; the second would have $50 in 30 days or $55 in 50 days; and the last had the same conditions as the second, but were asked to wait for 27 days before picking which option they would choose.

Researchers found that only 31 percent of the participants in the first group wanted to wait for the larger reward. However, the number rose to 56 percent in the second group. The third group, which had been asked to wait the longest, had 86 percent of their participants choose the larger reward.

“When people wait, it makes the place a higher value on what they’re waiting for, and that higher value makes them more patient,” Ayelet Fishbach explains, Professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and one of the researchers who conducted the series of experiments. “They see more value in what they are waiting for because of a process psychologists call ‘self-perception’–we learn what we want and prefer by assessing our own behavior, much the same way we learn about others by observing how they behave.”

So the next time you come across a must-have expensive item, think about waiting and buy it when it's on sale! You'll can practice self-control and make better financial decisions along the way. 

No Classes in Metro Manila Today, October 14, 2013

Department of Education (DepEd) suspended elementary and highschool classes today, October 14, 2013, in Metro Manila, except in four cities, due to the expected traffic disruption from the scheduled Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) medical mission in Manila. 

photo by:

According to the DepEd advisory, classes in elementary and high school are suspended in:

1. Manila (including college level)
2. Quezon City
3. Caloocan
4. Pasig
5. Pasay
6. Makati
7. Mandaluyong
8. Taguig
9. Paranaque
10. Pateros
11. San Juan
12. Muntinlupa
13. Valenzuela

However classes will go on in the following cities:
1. Marikina
2. Las PiƱas
3. Malabon
4. Navotas

My first reaction when I heard this news was, "Whaaat? Bakit naman sila mag-suspend ng classes dahil lang sa medical mission?" Though the news said that the event will create heavy traffic, maybe they should've warned the public to come to work or school earlier only. 

Anyway, on the positive side. I am happy na rin kasi I would be able to spend more time with the kids and spend less money since the kids are home (no baon). ;)

My New Bag: Sophie Paris' Bag Picardie

I ordered a new bag through an officemate from Sophie Paris called Bag Picardie: 

Description (from
A popular trendy design that suitable for your daily busy lifestyle. Comprising of 1 main zip closure, 2 front zip closures, 1 inner zip and mobile phone pocket inside.

Size: 35 x 12 x 27.5cm

Price: Php 1,090.00
What I like about this bag is...
1. The bag is simple yet looks nice,
2. It has enough space for my essentials, including my big planner from Starbucks,
3. It's black so it perfectly match most of my clothes, 
5. The price is affordable, and
6. The bag for sure lasts for a long time (depends on how you'll use it). My sister bought a bag from Sophie Paris maybe around 5 years ago. The color of her bag doesn't fade and the it's skin didn't peel-off. I remember the time a bought a bag from a known store for bags, after maybe a year or 2, the bag's skin peels and it costs me around Php 3,000 (and take note, naka-sale pa 'yun!). 

Anyway, I'll try to post some pictures kapag gamit ko na 'yung bag, and maybe sa Monday na 'yun. Kasi ang OOTD namin is corporate attire. So malamang magamit ko si Picardie. ;)

My NEW Bloglovin

Since I started a new blog, I decided to replace my old Bloglovin account. 
I know I'll miss all my favorite blogs on my old account, however, I've decided to start all over again and follow the ones I really wanted to follow and read not just for the sake of joining a contest, hehehe ;)

Anyway, to claim my blog my own blog, Bloglovin requires to paste this text to a new blog post:
<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

So, to meet their requirement, this post has been created! hihihi

My Taxi Fare

I just can't move on.

I spent 2 hours just to get to the office last night, and I don't have any idea what happened. They said there was a heavy rain fall that afternoon which causes the floods all over Metro Manila. Argh!

And the effect? I spent P264 for my taxi fare. In fairness to the taxi driver, he really find ways just to get me to the office, although there are some intances on our way that he because impatient because the vehicles are not moving. 

"Kung sya nauubusan na ng pasensya, eh ano pa kaya ako?" 

I tried to understand him. Because I know he has his own reasons to get mad, but the worse part, when I got the office, I learned that there's no taxi reimbursement for that day!

"Sayang... Wrong move!"

Lesson learned:
Wait for your supervisor's signal if there's a taxi fare reimbursement before riding a cab. Nakakapanghinayang kasi. It's like yung halos 1/4 ng sahod mo that day eh napunta sa lang sa pang-taxi...

Why? Oh Why?

Why I created my blog?

Simply because I love to read, write and share. I am not a writer in profession so don't expect perfect grammar on this blog. I just want to share tidbits of my life and knowledge from my readings that might interest you.

Soon, you'll get to know me and mi familia since I'll be writing about those 2 topics more. You can leave friendly comments or violent reactions...whatever it'll be, I'll always appreciate the time you'll spent to leave a footprint. 

Let's get this rolling...