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This is not a paid advertisement. I just came across a blog post that recommends to visit this page, Brighter Life Philippines

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Yes, mommies! This is a webpage, a Sun Life's community website. I know your next question is... What is Sun Life? 
They are a financial institution that offers services and products to residents of the Philippines including life insurance, annuities, group life, health, disability insurance, and retirement. To know more, you may visit them here

Anyway, going back... why I also recommend to visit Brighter Life Philippines?
According to their About Page, Brighter Life Philippines sheds light on the financial decisions that shape how we live our life. From personal to family affairs, career to lifestyle concerns, we provide guidance and ideas on how to be financially secure – no matter where you may be in your journey.

Not only that: you can also share your stories and even ask questions about achieving brighter life, and for sure, they are more than happy to help you (hehe, very customer service!). 

Well, my reason why I share this is I want to have a brighter life not only for myself but for my entire family. I have followed via Bloglovin. And I am sure that I will learn a lot from them. So, mommies, take one step at a time... subscribe to them; to gain more knowledge to have brighter life and have something to share to your readers. 


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