How To Spend Time with your Kids at Home for FREE!

I came across an article from Female Network that captured my interest and decided to share how I spend more time with my kids without spending a dime!

photo by Wisie for Kids
1. Watch movies with them. 
My second daughter (Ate 2) really love this activity more than my eldest (Ate 1). Aside from the enjoyment we're getting, they are also learning some things in this activity (I think so?); they learn how to focus, listen attentively, practice their English vocabulary (if we're watching English movies, of course!), and learn good morals. 

2. Role-playing Games.
I personally love this. Sometimes, I asked them to be the mom and I pretend to be their kid. And I think after doing this activity, they learn to appreciate me more! Why??? Because sometimes, I asked them to prepare snacks for me (as their kid, of course!) and even wash the dishes we used afterwards. Then, they'll tell me "Ang hirap pala ng ginagawa mo, Moms! Nakakapagod!". "Next time, ako na lang maghuhugas ng pinggan!" Oh di ba??? (Moms, It's hard to prepare the food and wash the dishes afterwards! Next time, I'll wash the dishes for you!)

3. Art-attack!
The kids love this activity so much! Patience is a virtue! This is what I always tell them when we're doing this activity. Because we'll be creating some thing from scratch. (I'll post some other time our art projects!) And after their hard work, they felt fulfilled and happy. They always say, "Wow! Hindi ko ma-imagine na ganito pala kalalabasan ne'to! Tatapon ko pa naman sana 'to! (Wow! I can't imagine this would be the outcome! I am thinking to throw this stuff before!)

I know my tips are not enough but these are things we usually do over the weekend. I hope you get something out of it.
If you have any ideas, share yours and leave me a comment. I would really appreciate it and find some time to try yours!


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