Are You Receiving FANBOX On Your Email?

My answer is, yes!!! I don't know or remember when and how they started to spam my email. I don't mind before but now, I am starting to get annoyed! So I decided to do something about it.

a copy of one email from Fanbox
What is Fanbox?

Money Sense said they (Fanbox) trick people into giving up their email addresses, passwords and cell phone numbers and then spams them relentlessly. Not only that, they spam everyone in the contact list as well. 

When I research how come about to receive their emails? It seems that they first started sending my eldest's email address their annoying emails first, then (maybe) that's where they got my email address!

So what I need to do now???
Money Sense suggests to mark the mail from Fanbox as spam (for Gmail, you can also report it for phishing). If necessary create a filter that can automatically send any mail from Fanbox to trash. And most important, do not click on any link in the mailer.
And that's what I did! I hope it works so I'll never receive any emails from them...again!


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