Grand Bazaar @ the Elements at Centris


When: September 28 - 29, 2013, 11:00 am to 9:00pm
Where: Elements at Eton Centris, Edsa cor Quezon Ave, Quezon City
Entrance Fee: FREE

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Cebu Pacific Vis-Seat Sale!


Good news to all travelers out there! Cebu Pacific is having a seat sale for some destinations in the Visayas Region:

So, what are you waiting for? Book now!

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Be Careful...


Always keep in mind that our kids' brain are like sponge. They easily absorb what they see and hear from us. So always be careful on what you say and what you do. You might get surprised one day that you hear them some words that you don't want to hear and find out that they've got it from you! 

Just a friendly reminder! ;)

MOM and ME Fun Circuit


I have received an email inviting me to join this year's most fun and memorable road trip, Mom and Me "Fun Circuit". I want to come, however, I still don't know if I can...

What is "Mom and Me"?
Mom and Me is the first lifestyle event series that aims to strengthen the bond and love between moms and kids (and dads too!) through various activities they can do together like yoga, cooking, arts and crafts and more.

This event will take the mom and kids participants all over the metro to discover the best places where they can do activities together.

How to buy your tickets? 
P750 is good for 1 pair of Mom or Dad and 1 Kid. Tickets are transferrable and may be given as gifts! 

1. Complete the registration/reservation form via
2. You will receive an email for payment instructions. All payment must be made via bank deposit within three days upon registration. 
3. Email the bank deposit slip to us at 
4. You will receive a confirmation email along with your e-ticket. 
5. Present your e-ticket during the event.

If you're interested, HURRY! Because only 25 slots will be available per day!

*Tentative Pick up and Drop off point: BGC, Fort (tentative)

'Wanna learn more about this event, visit the pages below: 
Event Page: 

I'll update you if I was able to come and will post pictures, of course! ;)

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Third!

Ate 1 and Ate 2 on Third's birthday

I Am Switching to CommentLuv

You might notice that I have a new comment system. Yes, I have switched from Disqus to CommentLuv.

my new comment system, CommentLuv
Because based on the latest article from Blogelina, when someone comments on your article, it will automatically link to his latest blog post.

So what?
Aside from the fact that it improves backlinks, it also helps me to track all comments and return the love! 

Try it and see the difference! (Haha parang shampoo commercial lang!)

Glitter Offer:

Sign-up to Mommy Talk Surveys to get awarded for giving your opinion. You will get $5.00 cash in your account just for signing up!

Your opinions and insights will directly influence major brands and firms around the world! The purpose of our surveys is to gather important feedback from research members just like you. Your opinions will help companies enhance products and services as well as create new innovations. There is no fee for your participation.

Microsoft on Nokia's LUMIA

According to Noypigeeks, Microsoft is set to acquire Nokia's devices and services business. 

photo by
Nokia will officially become a part of Microsoft. For $7.2 billion, the struggling smartphone company’s devices and services business will be acquired by the software giant in a move for both to keep up with the mobile computing revolution.
Exactly what will Microsoft get from Nokia? The purchase specifically covers the Lumia brand of smartphones. And it’s not just the phone and branding, but also the people behind them. Even the feature phones business is included, which means Nokia’s Asha budget line of cellphones will also be under Microsoft’s control. Also heading back to Microsoft is Nokia’s former CEO Stephen Elop, who used to work for the software company as the head of the Business Division (the one that handles the Microsoft Office productivity suite and Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning apps).
The acquisition, according to Microsoft, will allow for “faster innovation, increased synergies, and unified branding and marketing.”
Buti naman kung ganun! Masyado na kasing nahuhuli ang Nokia phones sa mga bagong phones ngayon. I remember when I was in college, Nokia lang ang kilala kong brand ng cellphone. Ngayon, sa sobrang dami na, halos wala na akong alam sa trend most especially pag ang usapan eh android phones. I am using Blackberry kasi. 

I like Nokia's Lumia series. In fairness, maganda talaga sya. Medyo pricey nga lang. 

I have plan to buy a new phone. Hindi ko nga alam kung kelan. Before I am choosing from Samsung S3 or Iphone 4s, but now, I might consider Lumia. Kaya basa-basa din ako ng review this past few days...pag may time. :)

The 2nd Mompreneur Summit

The 2nd Mompreneur Summit

photo by
photo by
Date: September 14, 2013
Venue: The Blue Leaf at McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City
Time: 9 am to 4 pm

How To Spend Time with your Kids at Home for FREE!

I came across an article from Female Network that captured my interest and decided to share how I spend more time with my kids without spending a dime!

photo by Wisie for Kids
1. Watch movies with them. 
My second daughter (Ate 2) really love this activity more than my eldest (Ate 1). Aside from the enjoyment we're getting, they are also learning some things in this activity (I think so?); they learn how to focus, listen attentively, practice their English vocabulary (if we're watching English movies, of course!), and learn good morals. 

2. Role-playing Games.
I personally love this. Sometimes, I asked them to be the mom and I pretend to be their kid. And I think after doing this activity, they learn to appreciate me more! Why??? Because sometimes, I asked them to prepare snacks for me (as their kid, of course!) and even wash the dishes we used afterwards. Then, they'll tell me "Ang hirap pala ng ginagawa mo, Moms! Nakakapagod!". "Next time, ako na lang maghuhugas ng pinggan!" Oh di ba??? (Moms, It's hard to prepare the food and wash the dishes afterwards! Next time, I'll wash the dishes for you!)

3. Art-attack!
The kids love this activity so much! Patience is a virtue! This is what I always tell them when we're doing this activity. Because we'll be creating some thing from scratch. (I'll post some other time our art projects!) And after their hard work, they felt fulfilled and happy. They always say, "Wow! Hindi ko ma-imagine na ganito pala kalalabasan ne'to! Tatapon ko pa naman sana 'to! (Wow! I can't imagine this would be the outcome! I am thinking to throw this stuff before!)

I know my tips are not enough but these are things we usually do over the weekend. I hope you get something out of it.
If you have any ideas, share yours and leave me a comment. I would really appreciate it and find some time to try yours!

My Reasons To Stay A Work-Away-From-Home Mom

Most of moms choose to leave their 8x5 job to stay at home and take care of their kids. Of course, I don't have anything against it. It's also hard and very noble. 

photo by Mumcenter
However, I am a kind of mom who decided to pursue my career while raising my kids. Honestly, after I gave birth to Ate 1, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom too, but my Papa didn't allow me. He said, "You've studied for 4 years and you'll waste all your hardships because you just gave birth?? It can't be! Fulfill your dreams and be a better mom for your kid!!!"

So here are the reasons I decided to stay a 'working mom':

1. Lifestyle Needs
Sometimes, resigning and be a stay-at-home mom comes to my mind, but whenever I think about it, I always ask myself, "Can I live without my own money?" 
I just can't imagine myself not to have my own money and not able to buy the things I want without consulting Daddy. 

2. Reason to Dress-up
Imagine yourself wearing a dress and a wedge at home? Funny right? At least, when you're working away from home, you've got to wear those without any reasons but because you'll just come to work. 

3. Set Example to My Children
Like I've said before, I don't have anything against moms who chose to be at home to take care her family, but I think when I become one my kids might be demotivated. They might think that going to school will not be that important because at the end of the day, they'll just stay at home and do household chores. 

4. Escape Boredom
I don't know if stay-at-home moms feel bored some times, but for me, whenever I am ill for example and need to stay at home for a week, sometimes, I feel bored. It seems that I miss what I do at work; dealing with our customers and chit-chats with friends. 

Of course every woman is different. And we don't have any rights to judge each and everyone when it comes to be a being a working moms vs stay-at-home moms. 

Are You Receiving FANBOX On Your Email?

My answer is, yes!!! I don't know or remember when and how they started to spam my email. I don't mind before but now, I am starting to get annoyed! So I decided to do something about it.

a copy of one email from Fanbox
What is Fanbox?

Money Sense said they (Fanbox) trick people into giving up their email addresses, passwords and cell phone numbers and then spams them relentlessly. Not only that, they spam everyone in the contact list as well. 

When I research how come about to receive their emails? It seems that they first started sending my eldest's email address their annoying emails first, then (maybe) that's where they got my email address!

So what I need to do now???
Money Sense suggests to mark the mail from Fanbox as spam (for Gmail, you can also report it for phishing). If necessary create a filter that can automatically send any mail from Fanbox to trash. And most important, do not click on any link in the mailer.
And that's what I did! I hope it works so I'll never receive any emails from them...again!

Stay Away, NegaStar!

photo by Dave's Words of Wisdom
I was a victim of a Negastar (person who thinks negative) before. And trust me, it's hard... it's hard when you're with her (them). Ambigat sa pakiramdam. Parang kahit masaya kayo, hindi kumpleto.

I think nung na-disolve yung previous account namin eh is a blessing in disguise. Sobrang saya naming lahat, not because magkakahiwa-hiwalay kami, but mawawala na ang negative vibes sa paligid! And I know na wherever we are eh sobrang happy kami. Parang ang gaan-gaan ng pakiramdam! Maybe this is other way He (God) wanted us to learn how to appreciate things. Yung tipong ipaparamdam nya muna sayo yung hirap so you'll have a better appreciation for what you have right now...

Thank You for the Effort

I am just dropping today to say "Thank you" to a friend who made an effort to find and visit me earlier. I really didn't expect it that's why I sincerely appreciate the time she spend to look for me. 
Medyo effort since she doesn't know where I seated, what time ang break sched ko and worst is kung pumasok ba ako that day. But she never gave up!

Khryss and me, 2010
Thanks, bhe (Khryss)! You made my day. Thank you ng sobra sa effort! I really appreciate it! Na-miss ko lalo kayo! 'Hope y'all doin' well, and I am wishing that you miss me too. ;) See you around!

Visit Brighter Life Philippines!

This is not a paid advertisement. I just came across a blog post that recommends to visit this page, Brighter Life Philippines

photo by

Yes, mommies! This is a webpage, a Sun Life's community website. I know your next question is... What is Sun Life? 
They are a financial institution that offers services and products to residents of the Philippines including life insurance, annuities, group life, health, disability insurance, and retirement. To know more, you may visit them here

Anyway, going back... why I also recommend to visit Brighter Life Philippines?
According to their About Page, Brighter Life Philippines sheds light on the financial decisions that shape how we live our life. From personal to family affairs, career to lifestyle concerns, we provide guidance and ideas on how to be financially secure – no matter where you may be in your journey.

Not only that: you can also share your stories and even ask questions about achieving brighter life, and for sure, they are more than happy to help you (hehe, very customer service!). 

Well, my reason why I share this is I want to have a brighter life not only for myself but for my entire family. I have followed via Bloglovin. And I am sure that I will learn a lot from them. So, mommies, take one step at a time... subscribe to them; to gain more knowledge to have brighter life and have something to share to your readers. 

New Shift Started Last Night

Yes, moms! I have a new shift. I will now report to work from 10:30pm to 7:30am. I really don't know the reason our account added working hours from our original schedule which is 9pm to 6am, but I am really happy they did!

photo by
Nakakainis lang dahil na-late ako last night, on my first day on my new shift and coming from our looong weekend. For whatever reason kasi, laging may stop-over sa lrt and ang bagal ng takbo ng train.

Good thing ngayong pag-uwi ko, wala ng crowd managament ang lrt; hindi ko alam kung may araw lang nila pinatutupad 'to or dahil medyo na-late na din ako pag-uwi. 

Anyway, I love this schedule. Parang kahit 4 to 6 hours lang ang tulog, hindi ako inaantok sa office. And I have more time to check my kids assignment. Compared nun 9 pm ang start ng shift ko; feeling ko laging kulang tulog ko kahit ma-oversleep na ako and I don't have time to check my kids' assignment. 

Medyo nagiging pabor 'tong new account na 'to sakin; hindi ko alam kung swerte, nagkataon, or I really deserve it. Well, for whatever reason He has, "Thank you!" 

Derek Ramsay and Christine Reyes on a Relationship

A week ago, the 2 stars have become more open about their relationship shortly after their admission. 

Eto na nga, nag-post na ng pic si Derek to confirm his relationship with Christine Reyes. 

There was a denial from Christine when she was asked about her relationship with Derek earlier this year. Maybe because kaka-announce lang ng break-up nila ni Rayver Cruz. 

Of course, I am not bitter. I hope their happiness. I just don't like Christine lang... This is in regards sa issue nya with her sister, Ara Mina. Grabe naman kasi syang makapagsalita, after, ate nya yun, older sister kumbaga. If she's really mad, I think Ara has the right to be respected. 

Anyhoo, sa dami ng naging boyfriend ni Christine na halos lahat eh may ingay, I really hope for her happiness. Everyone deserves it. So I won't take that away from her by posting negative comments about her new endeavor  I just want to say "Good luck" and "God bless!"

photo by Derek Ramsay's Instagram account

Happy Labor Day, US!

Hello, mommies! Long time-no post. I've been very busy and wasn't able to find time write, but now, I'll try to keep you updated. 

Today, Americans celebrates Labor day, and since I am working with an American bank, I have the privilege of looong weekend! Yahooo!

You might ask kung bakit sobrang saya ko?? Well, this is the first time I'll enjoy the US holiday. Aside from the fact na split ang rest day ko sa previous account ko, yung supervisor ko mahilig mag-organize ng out-of-town na kailangang sumama. Yes! You've read it right...compulsory. Kasi pag-hindi ka sumama, bad-shot ka na sa kanya. And you'll have a VERY hard time to go on-leave, dahil for sure, hindi nya makakalimutan yung ginawa nyang hindi mo pagsama sa lakad with her, and you should be sorry. 

Morbid no? Well, past is past. I am more happy now. So I don't care anymore. 

Anyway, I just dropped by to say, "Happy Labor Day, US!" and "Enjoy your looong weekend C1B peeps!"

photo by: