Tips for Getting the Most Out of My Weekend

I am working 8-hours a day away from home. And it has been a very challenging task to balance family and work ever since. 

Bonding Time with In-Laws during Mama Ita's Birthday, hubby's grandmother.

During my restday, all I want to do is to sleep the whole day, but as we all know, as a mom of 3, it can't be happening. I need to make my restday as meaningful as possible since this is the only time I have to spend with my kids. So here are some things I do to get the most of my weekend:

1. Plan
This is a very important part. I plan one week or two so I make sure that everything that needs to be done is in proper place. Estimate the amount of time that it might take to complete each task (household chores, parties and events, etc) and include start and end times in your schedule. Be sure to include family activities. After all, the whole point of planning is so that you can have more time for family time.

2. Prioritize.
This one of the important factor to consider in preparing for a great weekend. Make sure that important things come first. 
For example, you have a wedding to attend on Sunday, so expect that it might take your whole Sunday. Make sure that all your chores are done on Saturday, washing and ironing clothes, and kids' home works. Don't laid-back on Saturday when you knew that you may not have time on Sunday.

3. Get an early start.
As I've mentioned earlier, it is a pleasure to wake-up late during the weekends, but I don't think it's right. Imagine, if you woke up at noon, you have missed a lot of things. So better start you day early, including the things need to be one, so you'll finish early too. It means that you'll have more bonding time with the kids!

4. Focus.
I am smiling while writing this tip because I can't follow this sometimes; what I want to say is focus in everything you do. When I am doing some household chores like washing clothes, I try my very best not to turn the TV on! Believe me, it's hard but it's worth it. When my mind says, "It's 12 noon! It's time for Eat Bulaga!" (noontime show), I am replying with, "First thing first!". And in fairness, it worked! ;) 

5. Get help.
Admit it, mommies, we can only do so much. Sometimes, even if we knew that we're a Super Mommy, our time and effort are not enough. This is the time we may ask help.
There was a time that kids' have so much home work and took too much of my time, I asked hubby if he can do the laundry. 
It was a big relief when he said "Yes!" because aside from the fact that it save so much of my time, I can focus in doing my kids' assignment. 

Having a productive weekend requires effort like we're doing during our work week. Make the most of this time so that you can start your Monday mornings feeling refreshed and completely rejuvenated, knowing that you've had an enjoyable weekend.

Do you have additional tips for me, mommies? Share it below!


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