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Do you agree??? Sometimes, when we have problems, we keep thinking how to resolve it immediately. Knowingly that at the end of the day, we'll be exhausted and stressed. This is the time that we're easily get mad at something and afterwards, we can't explain why.

I think sometimes, we need to leave everything up to Him. I am not being "Sagrado Katoliko" here, I am just being true to myself. It's tried and tested. 

There was a time that I really don't have money...Yes! Believe me! What I mean is I only have enough for my fare to go to work, and not even enough to return home. Then, while on the trip to work, I am thinking "how can I eat lunch later?", "how will I get home?", etc. And because of this OVER THINKING lumampas ako sa dapat kong babaan. So nabawasan na naman pamasahe ko! 

Then, I prayed. I ask him that I lift everything to him, "Ikaw na po bahala sakin, Papa Jesus. Please guide me, I really don't know what to do anymore".

Wanna hear a miracle? Others may say that it's just a coincidence but I have a strong faith. That day, I found out that it was a friend's birthday! So the celebrant decided to treat all of us out for lunch! And for my fare home? There was an incentive that called "Power Hour". Wherein, when you get most number of sales, you'll get 500 pesos. And guess what? Yes, I've won!

God is so good. I only ask this but he gave me THIS! You may also say that I was just lucky that day, but I believe that He will not forsake us. So I leave it all to him.  


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