Quotable Quotes: "Don't Expect..."


I remember one instance at the office:

One of our supgates (agents who are taking supervisor calls, and let's named her Lady G) approached one of my batch mates (lets named her G, if you remember I wrote something about her "A Sensitive Friend") and said, "I've heard one of your batch mates said HE (let's named him D) doesn't want to transfer the call to supgates if I'll receive his call." Then G replied, "I don't know. I haven't heard anything like that."

Just a little background, in my own POV (point of view), Lady G is really annoying. She's like not the other supgates who'll answer your call like their really interested that you called. I, also, have A LOT of situations with her. I even said one time, "If she doesn't want to be a supgate, then, RESIGN!"

You really can't please everybody. Even how nice you are to them. DON'T EXPECT! We need to face the reality...world is really cruel. Accept it!


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