NJ Teens Sweet Rewards From Wendy's

I often here bullying everywhere nowadays. It really became a very serious issue even here in the Philippines. I've also learned that Senate would like to pass a bill to protect each of us from bullying, correct me if I'm wrong. 

While reading my emails, I came across this very inspiring story:

Two New Jersey teens, Kailee Whiting (19) and Katie Light (18), overheard a cashier getting an unfair earful from a customer. 

They were standing in line waiting for their food at a Wendy’s restaurant in Franklin, New Jersey, when a woman in front of them started yelling at the cashier. There had been a power outage 20 minutes earlier, causing a backup in the kitchen, so things had become a bit hectic behind the counter. According to Light, the customer yelled, "If you weren’t ready to take my order, you shouldn’t have called me up!"

Whiting, who works in retail and at a diner in Sussex County, New Jersey, could empathize with the cashier; she explained to the displeased woman that working in the food industry is difficult and that the cashier was doing her best. Her words, however, weren’t so well received. The woman shoved her hand in Whiting's face and told her to "shut up and stop talking," according to Light.

When they got our food, the cashier smiled and said, "Here’s your chicken nuggets." She gave them a free 16-piece chicken nuggets even though they didn’t order any. And when they were done, she came out with a tray of two Frosties just as a nice gesture … like, "Thank you for standing up for me."


The couple later found out that the frustrated woman called to inform the manager that the cashier gave away two free Frosties, but the manager reportedly didn't mind. 

It feels good to read this kind of story. We shouldn't allow anybody to bully us. There's a saying that no one should judge us because it's our life not theirs! And I always keep that in mind!


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