Love Notes

I love writing... Because it helps me remember things. I am suffering from short-term memory loss. I don't know why. Some folks told me that it's because I already went to 3 CS sections. 

A friend (let's name her C) posted one of our conversation we wrote on a paper on Facebook:

Sorry, the note was written in Filipino.
I remember she was trying to tell me something, but I am too busy to chit-chat so I asked her "Sulat mo dito! (Write it here!)".

C commented that she doesn't remember the person who are we talking about, but in a rare occurrence, I remember him. Yes, he was a him...a boy...hmmm...well, a gay to be precise. ;)

Oh how I miss you, C. I hope we could find time to spend with you. I hope you're doing well and won't forget the memories we've shared...


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