I Am A Scary Spice!

Hello, Mommies! How's your weekend going? 
Do you remember "Spice Girls"? They are one of the most popular singing-group in the 90's. And I am an avid fan.

I came across a quiz from Female Network to know which Spice Girl I am. So without hesitation, I took the quiz and found out that:

I am a Scary Spice!
Here's more I found out about being a Scary Spice:
Melanie Brown (also known as Mel B) is the loud and confident leader of the group. We all love her because she's just so fierce and sassy, and she can rock any leopard print ensemble.
Just like Scary Spice, you're an outspoken girl who clearly know you want (what you really really want) in life. A lot of people may see you as a tad too intimidating, but you're not bothered at all--you're confident in your skin to worry about other people's opinions. An extrovert, you're clearly the life of the party. After all, you're always game for anything.
The description may not be on a personal note about Mel B, but it gives a better knowledge of being a Scary Spice. 

How about you, mommies? Do you want to know if you're wanna be Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary, or Sporty Spice? Take the quiz to find out and comment the result below!


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