How To Tuesday: 3 Ways To Improve My Blog's Page Rank

You might ask: "Why you would want to increase the page rank of your blog?"

Aside from the fact that it'll bring me more success, it also brings me happiness. It means that more people are interested about me and what I write about... and it's priceless!


So I am sharing some things I do to increase my blog's page rank without paying a SEO expert:

1. I post consistently. 
It's really hard, trust me, if you're thinking to do this every day. So to maximize my time, since I only have time to during my rest days, I take advantage of scheduling my post. So everyday, my blog is updated and my readers will not forget about me. ;)
Then, if I have to write something important, I take 1-hour a day to do it. I make sure that I have all the ideas and materials so it won't eat too much of my time. 

2. I write useful and unique content. 
This is a must. Don't write or post something that are worthless. Make sure that your reader will be interested in everything you write so they'll add you to their reading list. It will not only make you proud but it'll also help you to increase your number of views. 

3. I build backlinks. 
I try to leave a footprint (comment) to some blogs, and hoping that they'll return the love (which usually happens). This will not only help you to improve your page ranks, it will also build some friendship to your fellow blogger. 
I also make sure that my posts are sync to my social networking sites so my friends and followers will be notified about my post. 
Sometimes, I visit forums and leave comments with my blog url. If the members of the forums will find your answer interesting, they'll sure find time to get to know more about you and visit your blog! ;)


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