How To Get "Ate 2" To Read

Ate 2 is 6 years old and since school year started on June, she doesn't want to read any books! 

Ate 2, F (cousin), and Ate 1

Her teacher is a great help that we all encourage her, in every way, to practice reading. We bought her reading books, even tried to read-sing, but it doesn't help us. And Ate 2 even refuses to try. 

Because of this, I tried to search an article in Google to have any other ideas to get Ate 2 to read. I came across an article from Huffington Post, then I incorporate them to our daily life. Here are some of my crazy (hihi) ideas for getting Ate 2 to read:
  • One hour playing computer games = One hour of book reading. I've set a rule before school year came: No one is allowed to play computer games during school days, meaning from Monday to Friday, but just to encourage Ate 2 to read, I told Ate 1 and 2 that they can play computer game as long as Ate 2 will read afterwards, and Ate 1 will help do some household chore. Good idea right? I hit 2 birds in one stone. ;)
  • Reading to an audience is fun. So I ask Ate 2 to read her story aloud to her youngest sibling, Bunso. Sometimes, when Bunso is still asleep, I even ask Ate 2 to read to her Barbies and Teddy Bears. :)
  • Convert Movie Time into a read fest. During our DVD marathon at home, I turn on the caption function to display text so that the kids can read and watch the action simultaneously. 
  • On road trips, I call out a word, and have kids find the word on billboard, posters, signs, and etc. For me, this will measure my kids' reading skills and alertness. And if someone found the word first, will get a reward. 
  • Last, but not the least, read to your kids before going to bed. Honestly, I don't have the luxury to do this unless it's my restday, which is Saturday and Sunday, since I work in a graveyard shift. So to all moms out there who have plenty of time to spend with their kids at night, aside from kissing them goodnight before going to bed, cuddle up and read them a heart-warming story until they fall asleep. 


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