For Your Eyes Only

While browsing Bloglovin, I came across a post that makes my eyes go wild! (Good thing Daddy is sleeping soundly!!!). This was a post from Nuffnang Philippines entitled "Girls Like Guys Who Wear the Right Jeans". 

Wanna know why my eyes gone wild and my heart beats faster? See the pictures below:

I like the last picture the most! hihihi Well, I am not hoping that Daddy will have the same bod like the men on the picture. I love my hubby the way he is. I just don't know what happened after I saw these picture! Hihihi 

Oh before letting you go, there's a good news a also want to share...

SM Men’s Fashion will hold an event at the Sky Dome this Saturday, August 17, 2013  at 4:00pm entitled “Just Delivered Jeans invades the Skydome!”

Featuring these hotties:

Hideo Muraoka
Fabio Ide
Rafael Do Prado
Daniel Matsunaga

Sounds good right? So what are you waiting for? Bookmark those calendar for these hotties invasion!


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