A Sensitive Friend

This happened at work... Here's the story...

While we're having our last break at work, a friend named G, told us that another friend of ours got a bad call (let's name her L). G doesn't know how to comfort her so she decided to just tap L's shoulder but L replied, "Don't touch me!" G got confused because she doesn't know what she might have done and L gave her that kind of reaction. 

G is on my right while L is on the most right

I told her that maybe L need some time... we don't know what happened to her call so we can't judge her. I advised G to give L the time she needs and respect it.

When we're about to return to our station, we met L. Another friend named A smiled and comments, "Ikaw huh?". Then, L had this confused look and said, "Napakatsismosa talaga nyang si G!" So A and I were bothered. I know that A didn't mean to offend L, but it seems that she was based on her reaction. 

After a while, L came to me, and tried to explain her side. She said that she got irritated with G because G and her boyfriend were "naglalampungan" lang sa tabi nya when they knew that she needed help. 

I told her...first, don't get kay G. Nakwento lang ni G yung nangyari to have an outlet. Na-bother kasi sya sa reaction mo when in the first place hindi nya alam kung galit ka sa kanya or what. Second, you should've asked help. Hindi naman nila malalaman na kelangan mo ng tulong kung hindi mo sasabihin...hindi sila manghuhula. And lastly, let go, we're friends. Kung meron kayong misunderstanding pag-usapan nyo para maayos kung ok ka na. You should be the one to approach her since ikaw yung may kakaibang reaction. Be calm as you can. Mas bata sayo si G kaya ikaw ang dapat na mas nakakaintindi sa kanya.

I don't know how L took my advice, but I think I gave my best base on my knowledge and experience. Tama naman diba? Give each other time to calm and heal. And talk the problem over (if both parties want it to be resolved). L should be more understanding since she's a bit older than G. On the other hand, G needs to be more sensitive and respect L's reaction. 

I've learned that L is too sensitive. This is not the first time that we have this kind of issue. Moving forward, I need to be more careful on what to say to her. Or say it in my nicest way I can (mahirap since I am certified Mean Girl), but I'll try...


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