2 Interesting Emails I Received

Hello, mommies! How's your week going?

Yesterday, I've got 2 interesting email; one from Janice Lim of Pinay Mommy Online and Abby Pel from Working Mom Magazine. 

The first email was from the Social Media Manager of BabiesToToddlers.com to let me know that I've won an Aquadeck Childres Faucet Extender: 


I've claimed my price through BabiesToToddlers.com, as per instruction, today because there was a slight problem when I try to claim my prize yesterday (my address was detected as "outside Metro Manila", so I need to update it). And Voila! I've claimed my prize successfully today and I can't wait to receive it in the mail!

The second email was from Abby Pel from Working Mom Magazine. It was an invitation to their upcoming bazaar:

Well, she was inviting me to come on August 10 to be their guest. I am excited even if the venue is too far from home because this will be my first event. I hope I could come with Bunso and bring lot of goodies for her and her siblings. 


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