Quotable Quotes: It's Their Choice!


Remember mommies: Don't waste your time for those people who doesn't deserve the right to be part of your life! Stop as early as right now. 
I've been in a situation where I suffer for almost 3 years of my life with the person who doesn't deserve to be part of my life. She caused trauma and lot of heartaches. Now, we're living separate ways; she's working in a different account/program. And I think I made I very right choice not to come with her. I am now living my own life without any worries. 
Learn from my experience, mommies! Stand your ground!

Motivation Monday Life Is A Lot Like A Party


I Am A Scary Spice!

Hello, Mommies! How's your weekend going? 
Do you remember "Spice Girls"? They are one of the most popular singing-group in the 90's. And I am an avid fan.

I came across a quiz from Female Network to know which Spice Girl I am. So without hesitation, I took the quiz and found out that:

I am a Scary Spice!
Here's more I found out about being a Scary Spice:
Melanie Brown (also known as Mel B) is the loud and confident leader of the group. We all love her because she's just so fierce and sassy, and she can rock any leopard print ensemble.
Just like Scary Spice, you're an outspoken girl who clearly know you want (what you really really want) in life. A lot of people may see you as a tad too intimidating, but you're not bothered at all--you're confident in your skin to worry about other people's opinions. An extrovert, you're clearly the life of the party. After all, you're always game for anything.
The description may not be on a personal note about Mel B, but it gives a better knowledge of being a Scary Spice. 

How about you, mommies? Do you want to know if you're wanna be Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary, or Sporty Spice? Take the quiz to find out and comment the result below!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of My Weekend

I am working 8-hours a day away from home. And it has been a very challenging task to balance family and work ever since. 

Bonding Time with In-Laws during Mama Ita's Birthday, hubby's grandmother.

During my restday, all I want to do is to sleep the whole day, but as we all know, as a mom of 3, it can't be happening. I need to make my restday as meaningful as possible since this is the only time I have to spend with my kids. So here are some things I do to get the most of my weekend:

1. Plan
This is a very important part. I plan one week or two so I make sure that everything that needs to be done is in proper place. Estimate the amount of time that it might take to complete each task (household chores, parties and events, etc) and include start and end times in your schedule. Be sure to include family activities. After all, the whole point of planning is so that you can have more time for family time.

2. Prioritize.
This one of the important factor to consider in preparing for a great weekend. Make sure that important things come first. 
For example, you have a wedding to attend on Sunday, so expect that it might take your whole Sunday. Make sure that all your chores are done on Saturday, washing and ironing clothes, and kids' home works. Don't laid-back on Saturday when you knew that you may not have time on Sunday.

3. Get an early start.
As I've mentioned earlier, it is a pleasure to wake-up late during the weekends, but I don't think it's right. Imagine, if you woke up at noon, you have missed a lot of things. So better start you day early, including the things need to be one, so you'll finish early too. It means that you'll have more bonding time with the kids!

4. Focus.
I am smiling while writing this tip because I can't follow this sometimes; what I want to say is focus in everything you do. When I am doing some household chores like washing clothes, I try my very best not to turn the TV on! Believe me, it's hard but it's worth it. When my mind says, "It's 12 noon! It's time for Eat Bulaga!" (noontime show), I am replying with, "First thing first!". And in fairness, it worked! ;) 

5. Get help.
Admit it, mommies, we can only do so much. Sometimes, even if we knew that we're a Super Mommy, our time and effort are not enough. This is the time we may ask help.
There was a time that kids' have so much home work and took too much of my time, I asked hubby if he can do the laundry. 
It was a big relief when he said "Yes!" because aside from the fact that it save so much of my time, I can focus in doing my kids' assignment. 

Having a productive weekend requires effort like we're doing during our work week. Make the most of this time so that you can start your Monday mornings feeling refreshed and completely rejuvenated, knowing that you've had an enjoyable weekend.

Do you have additional tips for me, mommies? Share it below!

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A Jewel Hidden In Every Scent!

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For Your Eyes Only

While browsing Bloglovin, I came across a post that makes my eyes go wild! (Good thing Daddy is sleeping soundly!!!). This was a post from Nuffnang Philippines entitled "Girls Like Guys Who Wear the Right Jeans". 

Wanna know why my eyes gone wild and my heart beats faster? See the pictures below:

I like the last picture the most! hihihi Well, I am not hoping that Daddy will have the same bod like the men on the picture. I love my hubby the way he is. I just don't know what happened after I saw these picture! Hihihi 

Oh before letting you go, there's a good news a also want to share...

SM Men’s Fashion will hold an event at the Sky Dome this Saturday, August 17, 2013  at 4:00pm entitled “Just Delivered Jeans invades the Skydome!”

Featuring these hotties:

Hideo Muraoka
Fabio Ide
Rafael Do Prado
Daniel Matsunaga

Sounds good right? So what are you waiting for? Bookmark those calendar for these hotties invasion!

Love Notes

I love writing... Because it helps me remember things. I am suffering from short-term memory loss. I don't know why. Some folks told me that it's because I already went to 3 CS sections. 

A friend (let's name her C) posted one of our conversation we wrote on a paper on Facebook:

Sorry, the note was written in Filipino.
I remember she was trying to tell me something, but I am too busy to chit-chat so I asked her "Sulat mo dito! (Write it here!)".

C commented that she doesn't remember the person who are we talking about, but in a rare occurrence, I remember him. Yes, he was a him...a boy...hmmm...well, a gay to be precise. ;)

Oh how I miss you, C. I hope we could find time to spend with you. I hope you're doing well and won't forget the memories we've shared...

Kim Chui Snobbed A Fan

According to a report on ABS-CBNNews.com, a certain Urmyne Imbong had written a post on Facebook detailing how the actress had allegedly snubbed a little girl who has asked for a photo with her.

“Just saw Kim Chiu at SnR Fort Bonifacio and was so disappointed after noticing that she’s not that sort of a 'Cebuana' I thought of her after all. She barely could put a smile on her face whenever someone ask [sic] for a picture. What’s most shocking was, she didn’t even accommodate a little girl’s request to have a picture with her on the flimsy excuse that the little girl already had one earlier. Wouldn’t blame Gerald Anderson for choosing Maja over her. I certainly would do the same,” the post read.

Kim sent her reply through a three-part message addressed to Twitter user monserat_9, who brought the post to her attention.

“Thanks for the info, I don’t like kasi 'yung feeling na pinipilit nila 'yung bata na magpa-picture sa akin even if the kid doesn’t really want,” she wrote. “Tinutulak-tulak niya na 'yung bata palapit sakin, 'yung bata naman AYAW.. so sana si mommy nalang nagpa-pic sakin (I don’t like the feeling that they’re forcing the child to have a picture taken with me even if the kid doesn’t really want to. She was pushing the child toward me, when the child didn’t want to... The mother should have asked for a picture with me instead.).”

“At least 'yun ok pa, di na nahirapan 'yung bata. Di na niya tinulak-tulak. So what I did, di ko na pinansin si mommy. Kawawa 'yung bata e (At least that would be okay, and the child wouldn’t have suffered. She shouldn’t have pushed the child. So I just didn’t pay attention to the mommy. I felt bad for the poor kid),” she added.

I know that Kim is a celebrity, however, we don't have the right to judge her most especially if we don't have any idea what really happen, and we're not part of the story. I feel sorry for the girl who posted her not-so-good comment about Kim. I don't personally know Kim nor like her too much, it's just I think the attack is below the belt. 

Grow Up


CPK's National Pizza Day

Hello, mommies! Do you like pizza like I do? Well, here's a good news... California Pizza Kitchen well known as CPK celebrates their 16th year anniversary with a blast! Just order your favorite pizza and get a second one free!

CPK National Pizza Day is less than 3 days away so log on to http://www.cpk.com.ph/locations.php for a complete list of stores. Don't miss this yummy treat!

How To Tuesday: 3 Ways To Improve My Blog's Page Rank

You might ask: "Why you would want to increase the page rank of your blog?"

Aside from the fact that it'll bring me more success, it also brings me happiness. It means that more people are interested about me and what I write about... and it's priceless!


So I am sharing some things I do to increase my blog's page rank without paying a SEO expert:

1. I post consistently. 
It's really hard, trust me, if you're thinking to do this every day. So to maximize my time, since I only have time to during my rest days, I take advantage of scheduling my post. So everyday, my blog is updated and my readers will not forget about me. ;)
Then, if I have to write something important, I take 1-hour a day to do it. I make sure that I have all the ideas and materials so it won't eat too much of my time. 

2. I write useful and unique content. 
This is a must. Don't write or post something that are worthless. Make sure that your reader will be interested in everything you write so they'll add you to their reading list. It will not only make you proud but it'll also help you to increase your number of views. 

3. I build backlinks. 
I try to leave a footprint (comment) to some blogs, and hoping that they'll return the love (which usually happens). This will not only help you to improve your page ranks, it will also build some friendship to your fellow blogger. 
I also make sure that my posts are sync to my social networking sites so my friends and followers will be notified about my post. 
Sometimes, I visit forums and leave comments with my blog url. If the members of the forums will find your answer interesting, they'll sure find time to get to know more about you and visit your blog! ;)

Tech Timeout Pledge


The Tech Timeout challenge started by Foresters, a life insurance provider with a difference, encourages families to take a daily break from technology. Participating families are encouraged to disconnect from all things electronic with the goal of helping spouses, parents and children build stronger bonds, communicate more personally and get more involved in each other’s lives.

Bunk Bed Ideas For Kids

VW Camper Van Bay Theme Bunk Bed
If your kids love that '60s vibe, this is the bed for them. The plywood and MDF structure is shaped to look like everyone's favorite Volkswagen van, complete with a wooden sliding door and surfboard ladder. Two standard twin mattresses easily slip into place, converting the virtual jungle gym into beds for two tired kids.

The bunk bed is made by UK-based Fun Furniture Collection, which is no stranger to fun (and outlandish) bed designs: 

Route Master Themed Bunk Bed
Land Rover 90 Themed Bunk Bed Add On

Classes Are Suspended Today, August 12, 2013

Classes has been suspended due to the Typhoon named "Labuyo" as of 11pm, Manila Time, last night. 

By this time, class suspensions in Metro Manila by city mayors have been declared. Here is a full list of the said suspension:

Caloocan- Preschool, Elementary,High School
Las Piñas – Preschool, Elementary,High School
Makati- Preschool, Elementary,High School
Malabon – Preschool, Elementary
Mandaluyong – Preschool, Elementary,High School
Manila – Preschool, Elementary
Marikina – Preschool, Elementary,High School
Muntinlupa – Preschool, Elementary,High School
Navotas- Preschool, Elementary,High School
Parañaque- Preschool, Elementary,High School
Pasay- Preschool, Elementary,High School
Pasig – Preschool, Elementary,High School
Pateros – All Levels
Quezon City – All Levels
San Juan City – All Levels
Taguig City – elementary
Valenzuela City – Preschool, Elementary,High School in selected baranggays.

When are classes are suspended?
Always remember that PAGASA Storm Warning Signals first determine class suspensions. However, local government can announce additional suspension as necessary. For example, if the city is under storm signal #1, then automatic suspension is declared for Preschools. But if continued rains pursue and flooding occurs, the city mayor may declare suspension for other school levels as well. We always hope, of course, that our local officials make the declaration early.

Stay safe, everyone. We’ve had major rains and flooding even without any typhoon signals in the past. Don’t go out unless absolutely necessary. Let’s get our emergency packs ready.. charge your flashlights, cellphones.. have batteries and candles ready.. and keep tuned in to the news for the latest weather report.

Live Your Life!


Romwe's Back To School Promo

Back to school deal is coming! And this is a big deal for my students readers! 

As the new term comes, ROMWE has carefully prepared more than 600 students’ favorite items. ROMWE always has so many pieces to meet different demands. You can collect all the school clothes here. Now, a big sale about School Deal begins, with the prices starting from $4.79 And the new items can also get a 10% off discount. 

So many beautiful and hot items are waiting for you: Oversized Aztec Denim Coat, ROMWE Vertical Stripe Black-White Leggings , Gold-tone Riveted Mint Jumper, etc. 

Don’t miss the deal: Back to School promotion starting at $4.79 from August 13- 18, 2013. 

Man Tried To Sell His Ex-girlfriend's Baby on Craiglist

Paul Marquez, 22, tried to sell his ex-lover's 2 month old daughter on Craiglist last week.


On the ad, Marquez wrote that he would sell the baby for $100 and to "email him" for more details. 

Marquez was charged Thursday with endangering the welfare of a child and harassment

I can't imagine how creepy this must have been for the poor mom. Dating is not supposed to be this dangerous! I think most single women are always aware of the threat of stalkers and harassment for themselves, but how many single moms worry about their dates going after their kids, too? I don't think Marquez intended serious harm to come to the baby, but it would still be a chilling experience to find your child is being offered for sale on Craigslist. I'm glad they caught the guy.

Effect of Sugary Drinks to Pre-schooler

Five-year-olds who drink sugar-sweetened sodas, sports drinks or juices every day are more likely to be obese than those who have sugar-sweetened beverages less often, according to a new study.

Dr. Mark DeBoer, who led the study at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, surveyed the parents of a nationally-representative group of 9,600 children when the kids were two, four and five years old. The children were all born in 2001. Parents reported on their income and education, as well as how often children drank sugary beverages and watched TV.

The children and their mothers were weighed at each survey visit.

The proportion of kids who had at least one soda, sports drink or sugar-sweetened juice drink each day ranged from 9 to 13 percent, depending on their age.

Those children were more likely to have an overweight mother and to watch at least two hours of TV each day at age four and five.

After accounting for those influences as well as families' socioeconomic status, the researchers found five-year-olds who had at least one sugary drink each day were 43 percent more likely to be obese than those who drank the beverages less frequently or not at all.

Kids were considered obese if they had a body mass index - a measure of weight in relation to height - above the 95th percentile for their age and gender, as calculated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About 15 percent of five-year-olds in the study were obese.

Four-year-old sugary beverage drinkers also tended to have a higher rate of obesity than non-drinkers - but that finding could have been due to chance, the researchers reported Monday in Pediatrics. Among two-year-olds, there was no link between sugar-sweetened beverages and obesity.

This recent study just adding to the evidence we already know that (drinking) sugar-sweetened beverages in childhood is associated with weight gain. It's definitely one of the major, if not the main, driver in childhood obesity. We, parents, should be aware of where our kids are getting extra unhealthy calories and stick with water and milk for beverage options. 

I also recommend fruits over fruit drinks and juices. 

I am not saying that we're not going to ban all these sugary things… from people's childhoods, it's just they're supposed to be very rare treats. Right, Moms?

Quotable Quotes: "Don't Expect..."


I remember one instance at the office:

One of our supgates (agents who are taking supervisor calls, and let's named her Lady G) approached one of my batch mates (lets named her G, if you remember I wrote something about her "A Sensitive Friend") and said, "I've heard one of your batch mates said HE (let's named him D) doesn't want to transfer the call to supgates if I'll receive his call." Then G replied, "I don't know. I haven't heard anything like that."

Just a little background, in my own POV (point of view), Lady G is really annoying. She's like not the other supgates who'll answer your call like their really interested that you called. I, also, have A LOT of situations with her. I even said one time, "If she doesn't want to be a supgate, then, RESIGN!"

You really can't please everybody. Even how nice you are to them. DON'T EXPECT! We need to face the reality...world is really cruel. Accept it!

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Throwback Thursday | Happy Birthday, Ate A

It has been very busy week for me, and I wasn't able to write as much as I can. However, I just don't want to miss this day to greet one of my best friend a Happy Birthday!

Photo taken in 2010
She now lives in the US with her husband. And it has been a while since we had a chat. I miss her and I hope she do the same. I am hoping for her safety all the time, and I wish that she'll have babies soon. 

Happy Birthday, Ate A! 'Hope you have a blast! I miss you!

Sarah Lahbati Gave Birth In April?

It has been a rumor ever since when Sarah Lahbati left out of the country after her issue with GMA that she gave birth. 

A reliable source has confirmed to PEP.ph that actress Sarah Lahbati gave birth to her son with Kapuso star Richard Gutierrez in April of this year during her stay in Europe.
The couple reportedly sent a photo of their child, whom they have named Zion, to Richard’s family around three months ago while Annabelle Rama, the Gutierrez matriarch, was busy campaigning to run as a representative of Cebu. 
PEP.ph had asked Jun Lalin, the publicist of the Gutierrez family, to confirm the news, but he said that he cannot make a statement about it as Annabelle is currently out of the country.
"Saan niyo naman nakuha iyan? Sino nagsabi?" he asked. "Anong magagawa kong statement, nasa abroad si Tita Annabelle, madaling araw ngayon duon. Babalikan ko na lang kayo (Where did you get that? Who said that? I can’t make a statement, Annabelle is abroad, and it’s early morning there right now. I’ll just get back to you.)."
It can be recalled that Sarah had abruptly fled to Switzerland (where her father lives) in January after a rift with top GMA executives. Rumors about her being pregnant immediately started popping up, but Ruffa Gutierrez, Richard’s sister, had denied the allegations, saying that it would be impossible to hide such a big secret.
If this is true, I understand the reason they may have in doing this. However, I will be sure that they'll regret it someday. Most especially, when their so-called son grow older, he may not understand the reason why he was kept. 

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How To Get "Ate 2" To Read

Ate 2 is 6 years old and since school year started on June, she doesn't want to read any books! 

Ate 2, F (cousin), and Ate 1

Her teacher is a great help that we all encourage her, in every way, to practice reading. We bought her reading books, even tried to read-sing, but it doesn't help us. And Ate 2 even refuses to try. 

Because of this, I tried to search an article in Google to have any other ideas to get Ate 2 to read. I came across an article from Huffington Post, then I incorporate them to our daily life. Here are some of my crazy (hihi) ideas for getting Ate 2 to read:
  • One hour playing computer games = One hour of book reading. I've set a rule before school year came: No one is allowed to play computer games during school days, meaning from Monday to Friday, but just to encourage Ate 2 to read, I told Ate 1 and 2 that they can play computer game as long as Ate 2 will read afterwards, and Ate 1 will help do some household chore. Good idea right? I hit 2 birds in one stone. ;)
  • Reading to an audience is fun. So I ask Ate 2 to read her story aloud to her youngest sibling, Bunso. Sometimes, when Bunso is still asleep, I even ask Ate 2 to read to her Barbies and Teddy Bears. :)
  • Convert Movie Time into a read fest. During our DVD marathon at home, I turn on the caption function to display text so that the kids can read and watch the action simultaneously. 
  • On road trips, I call out a word, and have kids find the word on billboard, posters, signs, and etc. For me, this will measure my kids' reading skills and alertness. And if someone found the word first, will get a reward. 
  • Last, but not the least, read to your kids before going to bed. Honestly, I don't have the luxury to do this unless it's my restday, which is Saturday and Sunday, since I work in a graveyard shift. So to all moms out there who have plenty of time to spend with their kids at night, aside from kissing them goodnight before going to bed, cuddle up and read them a heart-warming story until they fall asleep. 

2 Interesting Emails I Received

Hello, mommies! How's your week going?

Yesterday, I've got 2 interesting email; one from Janice Lim of Pinay Mommy Online and Abby Pel from Working Mom Magazine. 

The first email was from the Social Media Manager of BabiesToToddlers.com to let me know that I've won an Aquadeck Childres Faucet Extender: 


I've claimed my price through BabiesToToddlers.com, as per instruction, today because there was a slight problem when I try to claim my prize yesterday (my address was detected as "outside Metro Manila", so I need to update it). And Voila! I've claimed my prize successfully today and I can't wait to receive it in the mail!

The second email was from Abby Pel from Working Mom Magazine. It was an invitation to their upcoming bazaar:

Well, she was inviting me to come on August 10 to be their guest. I am excited even if the venue is too far from home because this will be my first event. I hope I could come with Bunso and bring lot of goodies for her and her siblings. 

Quotable Quotes | Start Your Week Right


Have a blast week ahead!

photo credits TheSITSGirls

NJ Teens Sweet Rewards From Wendy's

I often here bullying everywhere nowadays. It really became a very serious issue even here in the Philippines. I've also learned that Senate would like to pass a bill to protect each of us from bullying, correct me if I'm wrong. 

While reading my emails, I came across this very inspiring story:

Two New Jersey teens, Kailee Whiting (19) and Katie Light (18), overheard a cashier getting an unfair earful from a customer. 

They were standing in line waiting for their food at a Wendy’s restaurant in Franklin, New Jersey, when a woman in front of them started yelling at the cashier. There had been a power outage 20 minutes earlier, causing a backup in the kitchen, so things had become a bit hectic behind the counter. According to Light, the customer yelled, "If you weren’t ready to take my order, you shouldn’t have called me up!"

Whiting, who works in retail and at a diner in Sussex County, New Jersey, could empathize with the cashier; she explained to the displeased woman that working in the food industry is difficult and that the cashier was doing her best. Her words, however, weren’t so well received. The woman shoved her hand in Whiting's face and told her to "shut up and stop talking," according to Light.

When they got our food, the cashier smiled and said, "Here’s your chicken nuggets." She gave them a free 16-piece chicken nuggets even though they didn’t order any. And when they were done, she came out with a tray of two Frosties just as a nice gesture … like, "Thank you for standing up for me."


The couple later found out that the frustrated woman called to inform the manager that the cashier gave away two free Frosties, but the manager reportedly didn't mind. 

It feels good to read this kind of story. We shouldn't allow anybody to bully us. There's a saying that no one should judge us because it's our life not theirs! And I always keep that in mind!


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Quotable Quotes | Over Thinking


Do you agree??? Sometimes, when we have problems, we keep thinking how to resolve it immediately. Knowingly that at the end of the day, we'll be exhausted and stressed. This is the time that we're easily get mad at something and afterwards, we can't explain why.

I think sometimes, we need to leave everything up to Him. I am not being "Sagrado Katoliko" here, I am just being true to myself. It's tried and tested. 

There was a time that I really don't have money...Yes! Believe me! What I mean is I only have enough for my fare to go to work, and not even enough to return home. Then, while on the trip to work, I am thinking "how can I eat lunch later?", "how will I get home?", etc. And because of this OVER THINKING lumampas ako sa dapat kong babaan. So nabawasan na naman pamasahe ko! 

Then, I prayed. I ask him that I lift everything to him, "Ikaw na po bahala sakin, Papa Jesus. Please guide me, I really don't know what to do anymore".

Wanna hear a miracle? Others may say that it's just a coincidence but I have a strong faith. That day, I found out that it was a friend's birthday! So the celebrant decided to treat all of us out for lunch! And for my fare home? There was an incentive that called "Power Hour". Wherein, when you get most number of sales, you'll get 500 pesos. And guess what? Yes, I've won!

God is so good. I only ask this but he gave me THIS! You may also say that I was just lucky that day, but I believe that He will not forsake us. So I leave it all to him.  

Regine Velasquez Responds to Instagram Basher

PEP.ph has reported that the Songbird recently responded to a fan who told Ogie via Instagram to not bring his wife along with him to TV5 lest her fan base decrease.

Photo courtesy of PEP.ph

Photo courtesy of PEP.ph

Photo courtesy of PEP.ph

“Sino ba kasi ang nagsabi na lilipat ako ha may alam ka ba na hindi ko alam?” she replied. “Malaki po ang pasasalamat ko sa inyong lahat sa patuloy ninyong pag suporta sa akin, but as you can see I don't appreciate being told what to do or being patronized (Who said that I’m transferring stations? Do you know something I don’t? I’m very grateful to all of you for your continued support, but as you can see, I don’t appreciate being told what to do or being patronized.).”

“At higit sa lahat matutuwa ba ako na iniinsulto nyo ang asawa ko?? Kung ikaw ako matutuwa ka ba (And above all, should I be happy that you’re insulting my husband? If you were in my place, would you take it lightly?)?” she continued.

She later apologized for her emotional rant through a message she posted the following day.“Pasensya na po kayo sa madamdamin kong las [sic] post (I apologize for my emotional post),” she wrote. “I don't understand why some of you would alway blame my husband for anything and everything.”

I like Regine V, and I am one of her super-loyal fan (kahit nag-aaway na kami ni Mama because she's claiming that Pops F is the real concert-queen)! Honestly, I would also react the same way as Regine did. Most especially, when someone make an awful comment to Dadz, my hubby. However, I am just simple person, I mean I am not a celebrity with not too much fame. She should've been more careful in choosing words to confront anyone because many people look after her. It might also have an impact to her most especially now that she's a mom...

A Sensitive Friend

This happened at work... Here's the story...

While we're having our last break at work, a friend named G, told us that another friend of ours got a bad call (let's name her L). G doesn't know how to comfort her so she decided to just tap L's shoulder but L replied, "Don't touch me!" G got confused because she doesn't know what she might have done and L gave her that kind of reaction. 

G is on my right while L is on the most right

I told her that maybe L need some time... we don't know what happened to her call so we can't judge her. I advised G to give L the time she needs and respect it.

When we're about to return to our station, we met L. Another friend named A smiled and comments, "Ikaw huh?". Then, L had this confused look and said, "Napakatsismosa talaga nyang si G!" So A and I were bothered. I know that A didn't mean to offend L, but it seems that she was based on her reaction. 

After a while, L came to me, and tried to explain her side. She said that she got irritated with G because G and her boyfriend were "naglalampungan" lang sa tabi nya when they knew that she needed help. 

I told her...first, don't get kay G. Nakwento lang ni G yung nangyari to have an outlet. Na-bother kasi sya sa reaction mo when in the first place hindi nya alam kung galit ka sa kanya or what. Second, you should've asked help. Hindi naman nila malalaman na kelangan mo ng tulong kung hindi mo sasabihin...hindi sila manghuhula. And lastly, let go, we're friends. Kung meron kayong misunderstanding pag-usapan nyo para maayos kung ok ka na. You should be the one to approach her since ikaw yung may kakaibang reaction. Be calm as you can. Mas bata sayo si G kaya ikaw ang dapat na mas nakakaintindi sa kanya.

I don't know how L took my advice, but I think I gave my best base on my knowledge and experience. Tama naman diba? Give each other time to calm and heal. And talk the problem over (if both parties want it to be resolved). L should be more understanding since she's a bit older than G. On the other hand, G needs to be more sensitive and respect L's reaction. 

I've learned that L is too sensitive. This is not the first time that we have this kind of issue. Moving forward, I need to be more careful on what to say to her. Or say it in my nicest way I can (mahirap since I am certified Mean Girl), but I'll try...

Ogie Alcasid to Leave GMA-7

The singer-songwriter said that he "will be forever grateful to GMA."

Photo courtesy of PEP.ph

Several showbiz insiders have been speculating that Ogie Alcasid, one of the prime talents of GMA-7, will be transferring soon to a rival station.

Based from what he told the PEP.ph during the press conference for his 25th anniversary concert, it looks like he really is headed toward that direction, hinting at a move to TV5.

"Si MVP kasi, hindi iba sa akin,” he said, referring to Manny V. Pangilinan, the business mogul who counts TV5 among his many properties. “Kaibigan ko ang turing ko sa kanya. Hindi naman lingid sa atin na ang TV 5, kailangan ng tulong. Talagang it’s not doing very well. So, kapag nagsalita si MVP ng, 'Tulungan mo naman ako,' mahirap tanggihan (MVP is a dear friend. We all know that TV5 needs help. It’s really not doing very well. So when MVP asks you to help him, it’s difficult to say no.).”

Despite admitting that he had already informed GMA-7 CEO Felipe Gozon about his plans to leave, he also clarified that he has not yet signed a contract with the TV5, nor has he discussed the shows he will appear on should he push through with this decision. Ogie also kept mum about the rumors that his wife, Regine Velasquez, will be transferring with him, saying that they have separate careers.

“I cannot answer that although asawa ko siya. Kapag career niya, hindi ko ginagalaw (I cannot answer that although she’s my wife. I don’t meddle in her career)," he said.

Sayang...Ogie Alcasid has been with GMA for a very looong time. I remember my high school days when we're watching "Bubble Gang", and it's like 10 years ago or so. If he's really a friend to MVP, then I can't say anything...it's like he's just helping a friend in need. I'll just wish him a Good Luck in his new home.